Friday 30th June

I cannot believe another Friday has descended upon us and I am sat once again at my computer, reflecting on what a busy week we have had.

On Tuesday, we had our friends from Year 4 at Brodetsky join us for the afternoon. We shared what work we had done since the last time we had met and enjoyed working collaboratively on some artwork and participated in some short barrier games where we had to use our language of social interaction – conversing, discussion, interacting, and establishing roles to ensure that the task was competed. It was a really successful afternoon and we look forward to working with Brodstsky in the future.

This week, we started our literacy topic on playscripts. It has been such a lot of fun, and has really allowed us an opportunity to shine! We have some budding thespians in year 4 and I look forward to continuing our topic next week.

In maths this week we have been sinking our teeth into some fabulous decimal work. I have been speechless with how much we have covered in a few short days- working with tenths and hundredths and partitioning and adding some really tricky numbers!

In our topic lessons this week we had great fun participating in a Kahoot quiz using our Ipads, putting our gepgraphical knowledge to the test! Archie is our resident class champion and we are eager to take part in another quiz really soon, or even make some of our own!

This afternoon was our summer fair and our class enterprise was selling popcorn and a ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ game. We enjoyed costing, purchasing our stock, marketing and selling and can’t wait to find out how much our class raised.

This week, my learner of the week is Dalia. Dalia has been making such an effort recently in all her work, and I have been really impressed with the push she is having towards achieving her goals at the end of the year. Well done Dalia.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Culshaw 🙂