It’s Christmas!

This week has been a fabulous, hardworking week. I have been really proud of how much effort everyone has put into their work, despite it coming towards the end of term and everyone getting a little tired!

In literacy this week we have been writing, editing and redrafting our Roman information texts. They are great and we are all really proud of our work. They have been collated into a book which is now on display in our classroom. They display a real range of writing and lots of fascinating facts we have found out about the Romans throughout the course of this term. In particular, I was impressed with the amount of effort Leon and Tia have put into their writing- the end results are fantastic.

In maths no problem this week we have been continuing looking at different methods of subtraction and have learned about 2 new methods (which take a bit of brain power and getting used to!) we now are armed with a plethora of different methods to use when tackling a subtraction problem!

On Wednesday we had the pleasure of going to Moortown Baptist church for their annual ‘Rewind to Christmas’ workshop. As ever, it was a brilliant morning where the children had the opportunity to participate in lots of different Christmas activities which we really enjoyed.

Next week we have lots going on we are having we a having our class party on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday we are having our church service and Roman feast on Thursday (don’t forget to dress in fancy Roman clothes). Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Culshaw 😊

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  1. Well done Alexia writing with your wrong hand keep up the hard work make sure your handwriting stays neat glad to see it is much better Good luck!

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