The sun shine at ACE

The sun has been shining this week and everyone has been happy and extremely hard-working! We have had an exciting couple of weeks, with the addition of a new member to our class- Risa! She has been a very welcomed addition to our class; and has arrived with a spectacular work ethic. She has fit right into life in 4CC and I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks altogether before our summer holidays.

We have been learning all about Orca whales for a few weeks now. We have researched lots of information about these majestic sea mammals before we made the sad discovery that they are being kept captive purely for human entertainment. We followed the heartbreaking story of a poor Orca named Lolita, who has captured when she was just 4 years old and taken to a Seaworld park in Miami, where she has spent the following 40 years of her life. We just couldn’t believe how small Lolita’s tank was and how badly she was cared for, so we decided to write letters of complaint to Seaworld. Over the course of the week we have planned, drafted, edited and redrafted our letters and I have been absolutely astounded by the level of writing that I have seen…I can really see how passionately we feel about keeping these animals captive. I cannot wait to send these letters off and see what response we receive.

In maths this week we have been working with fractions, and lots of them! We have been adding and subtracting, converting between mixed number and improper fractions and even simplifying some really tricky fractions. It hasn’t been easy for everybody, but there has been an excellent amount of determination and we have certainly ‘cracked it’- I can say with certainty that year 4 are fractions masters! In addition to our fractions, we have also been working hard on our times tables which has seen some excitement in our Olympic maths results- lots of children achieving their silver and gold medals and a few hard workers even pushing onto their European champion medal. A special mention must go to Sehansa- who amazed us all by achieving her European medal in a matter of days and cracking on with her decimal champion level. Incredible stuff!

This week we had our last session of the year up at Allerton High School with Mr Bruce, who is excitingly leaving for Tanzania very soon! We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our computing sessions with him and have learnt so much- we are very accomplished programmers in year 4CC!

My learner of the week without a shadow of doubt this week is James. James has shown such a fabulous and mature attitude to his learning over the past week. He has really stepped up to the mark and been working hard. The persuasive letter he wrote to Seaworld was amazing and I am really impressed with this positive shift in attitude. Well done James and keep it up!

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sunshine- fingers crossed this paddling pool weather continues!

Mrs Culshaw 🙂