Friday 30th June

I cannot believe another Friday has descended upon us and I am sat once again at my computer, reflecting on what a busy week we have had.

On Tuesday, we had our friends from Year 4 at Brodetsky join us for the afternoon. We shared what work we had done since the last time we had met and enjoyed working collaboratively on some artwork and participated in some short barrier games where we had to use our language of social interaction – conversing, discussion, interacting, and establishing roles to ensure that the task was competed. It was a really successful afternoon and we look forward to working with Brodstsky in the future.

This week, we started our literacy topic on playscripts. It has been such a lot of fun, and has really allowed us an opportunity to shine! We have some budding thespians in year 4 and I look forward to continuing our topic next week.

In maths this week we have been sinking our teeth into some fabulous decimal work. I have been speechless with how much we have covered in a few short days- working with tenths and hundredths and partitioning and adding some really tricky numbers!

In our topic lessons this week we had great fun participating in a Kahoot quiz using our Ipads, putting our gepgraphical knowledge to the test! Archie is our resident class champion and we are eager to take part in another quiz really soon, or even make some of our own!

This afternoon was our summer fair and our class enterprise was selling popcorn and a ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ game. We enjoyed costing, purchasing our stock, marketing and selling and can’t wait to find out how much our class raised.

This week, my learner of the week is Dalia. Dalia has been making such an effort recently in all her work, and I have been really impressed with the push she is having towards achieving her goals at the end of the year. Well done Dalia.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Culshaw 🙂

Friday 23rd June

This week, we have been working hard and doing our very best to keep cool, which has been somewhat difficult with the glorious weather and incredible temperatures!

In maths this week we have been doing all things time; converting seconds to minutes, minutes to hours and then days, converting between analogue and 24 hour digital time, solving time word problems- the list goes on! I have been really impressed with J’Maarni and Leon’s skills at converting units of time and look forward to the exciting maths we have coming up over the next few weeks.

In literacy, we finished up with our empowering and emotive topic of Orca whale captivity. Following writing our powerful letters of persuasion last week to the CEO of Seaworld, this week we decided to make a film to post on our blog and school twitter to raise awareness. In addition to this, we also put ourselves in the position of these poor captive animals and wrote some rather thought provoking internal monologues. I was incredibly impressed by Eesha and Amber’s internal monologues, which had so much emotion in them. Well done ladies!

Our afternoon sessions this week have been filled with lots of fun and even more hard work; an e safety lesson with Mrs Taylor, working in groups to research and present information about different habitats in science, making beautiful leaf prints in positive and negative in art and a sports day practice thrown into the mix too! I think we are just about ready for a weekend to recuperate!

My learner of the week this week is Eesha. I have been really impressed with how much resilience she has put into her maths this week, as I know there have been parts of the week that she has found tricky, and her internal monologue was spectacular. Not only this, but her behaviour is impeccable and she is a positive role model to have in Key Stage 2. Well done and thankyou for your relentless hard work.

Have a lovely weekend- another action packed week ahead!

Mrs Culshaw 🙂

The sun shine at ACE

The sun has been shining this week and everyone has been happy and extremely hard-working! We have had an exciting couple of weeks, with the addition of a new member to our class- Risa! She has been a very welcomed addition to our class; and has arrived with a spectacular work ethic. She has fit right into life in 4CC and I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks altogether before our summer holidays.

We have been learning all about Orca whales for a few weeks now. We have researched lots of information about these majestic sea mammals before we made the sad discovery that they are being kept captive purely for human entertainment. We followed the heartbreaking story of a poor Orca named Lolita, who has captured when she was just 4 years old and taken to a Seaworld park in Miami, where she has spent the following 40 years of her life. We just couldn’t believe how small Lolita’s tank was and how badly she was cared for, so we decided to write letters of complaint to Seaworld. Over the course of the week we have planned, drafted, edited and redrafted our letters and I have been absolutely astounded by the level of writing that I have seen…I can really see how passionately we feel about keeping these animals captive. I cannot wait to send these letters off and see what response we receive.

In maths this week we have been working with fractions, and lots of them! We have been adding and subtracting, converting between mixed number and improper fractions and even simplifying some really tricky fractions. It hasn’t been easy for everybody, but there has been an excellent amount of determination and we have certainly ‘cracked it’- I can say with certainty that year 4 are fractions masters! In addition to our fractions, we have also been working hard on our times tables which has seen some excitement in our Olympic maths results- lots of children achieving their silver and gold medals and a few hard workers even pushing onto their European champion medal. A special mention must go to Sehansa- who amazed us all by achieving her European medal in a matter of days and cracking on with her decimal champion level. Incredible stuff!

This week we had our last session of the year up at Allerton High School with Mr Bruce, who is excitingly leaving for Tanzania very soon! We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our computing sessions with him and have learnt so much- we are very accomplished programmers in year 4CC!

My learner of the week without a shadow of doubt this week is James. James has shown such a fabulous and mature attitude to his learning over the past week. He has really stepped up to the mark and been working hard. The persuasive letter he wrote to Seaworld was amazing and I am really impressed with this positive shift in attitude. Well done James and keep it up!

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sunshine- fingers crossed this paddling pool weather continues!

Mrs Culshaw 🙂

Friday 28th April

What a fabulous week we’ve had! I cannot believe how hard we have worked and all of the amazing learning that has taken place. As a class, we would firstly like to thank Mrs Johnston for a truly enjoyable fortnight in the art studio. I can hand on heart say the children have all had a wonderful time and gained so much from the project.

As part of our writing aspect of the week, we wrote letters from the selfish giant to the children, apologising for his behaviour and for causing the children such upset by banishing them from his garden. I was incredibly impressed by Oscar, Amber and Joshua’s writing…infact, I was incredibly proud of everybody’s writing, and many praise postcards have been sent home tonight.

Our art focus this week was the works of Robert Kushner. We worked tirelessly to produce mixed media artworks inspired by his collections. Again, these were of a fantastic standard; Ria and Eeesha worked as a team to produce a wonderful artwork, as did J’Maarni and Elijah.

This afternoon was our parent celebration, which was a great event and a fabulous opportunity to show off all of the work we had been up to, in addition to performing our dance. I was one incredibly proud teacher (and may have even shed a slight tear at how proud I was during the dance performance). Thank you to all of the parents for attending and making it such a special event.

It would be absolutely impossible to choose a learner of the week this week, so I want to congratulate everyone for trying their very best and having such amazing attitudes towards their learning journey over the past fortnight.

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

Mrs Culshaw 🙂

The Selfish Giant

This week we have spent an exciting four days with Mrs Johnston as part of our art and literacy project. This has been linked to our interfaith topic on walls and has taken inspiration from the Oscar Wild children’s tale, The Selfish Giant.

We commenced the week with reading the opening of the story- discovering the lush, captivating garden and drawing our own interpretations of the garden from the descriptions we had read. We went out into the school grounds to discover what wild, lush, blooming plants we had in our surroundings to consolidate our understanding of what this incredible garden looked like.

We continued to read our story and discovered that a group of children would play in the garden each day after school. One day, the owner of the garden, a giant, returned home from a seven year visit to his friend- a Cornish ogre. Furious at finding the children trespassing, he chased them out and proceeded to build a wall around his garden. He erected a sign reading: TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.” The children were extremely sad, as playing on the road is a poor substitute.

We thought about the story from lots of different character viewpoints. We hot seated the giant to pose some interesting questions to him before imagining how incensed the giant might feel and then writing internal monologues. Mrs Johnston and I were incredible impressed by the standard of some of the writing- Jayden, Alexia and Tia- to name but a few wrote fantastic accounts of their inner feelings. We then flipped to think about how we would feel if we were the children who had just had their favourite place to play in taken from them. We were enraged- and wrote aggrieved letters to the giant telling him just precisely what we thought of his behaviour.

In addition to all of the wonderful writing we have completed, we have also dug our teeth into some fantastic artwork, using a range of medias including observational drawing, illustrations and ‘Revelation’ on the laptops to create our own nature themed artwork…and have enjoyed participating in dance sessions with Miss Allison using the story as a stimulus for our performance.

Next week we have a busy week; continuing our arts project in preparation for the celebration on Friday 28th April (invitations for parents have been sent home this evening). In addition to this, on Wednesday we have an exciting trip to Leeds Carnegie Stadium to take part in a ‘Cricket in the classroom’ workshop- and of course, we have our exciting residential to Herd Farm next weekend!

My learners of the week this week are Jayden and Kariss. They have been brave enough to put themselves in the pit this week in their learning and have made fabulous progress, particularly in their writing. Thankyou- and keep it up!

Have a wonderful weekend and rest up ready for a busy week ahead!

Mrs Culshaw 🙂

Friday 16th March

This week we did lots of amazing things such as learning all about Thor’s Magic hammer, and learning what life was like in an Anglo Saxon settlement.

During our ICT lessons at Allerton High this week, we had a great deal of fun getting used to programming our Microbits. We all worked incredibly hard to programme our own games of ‘rock, paper, scissors’, which impressed me immensely!

On Thursday, some of us had the exciting opportunity to use our community cafe with Mrs Walker and cook using some of the left over fuel for school donations, which would have otherwise gone into the bin. We made chickpea curry and chipati which we absolutely delicious and a complete hit with the entire class!

In addition to cooking chickpea curry, as it was science week, we got to watch some real life science- a chemical reaction! Mrs Walker demonstrated how to create a chemical reaction that would make honeycomb….and even more excitingly, eat it!

Next week we have lots on, including our interfaith art project up at Brodetsky Jewish school and our trip to York museum to celebrate all that we have learnt about our wonderful topic on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.

Have a restful and relaxing weekend,

Mrs Culshaw

Pancake pandemonium!

This week as been as hard working as ever! There is ‘no rest for the wicked’ in year 4, as they say!

In literacy this week we have been continuing to look at the story of Beowulf. We spent an exciting session freeze framing the story before learning all about the three different Viking worlds: Asgard, Jotunheim and Midgard. We had some fantastic descriptive writing that really impressed me.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a variety of exciting activities. The day kicked off with a pancake flipping competition in the hall with Reverend Dave, and was followed up by lots of different tasks across school. It is no surprise that the most popular activity was pancake making (and tasting)! Our class had lots of fun making their own pancakes and then designing what toppings they would have from a wide variety of options that had been kindly donated from parents. We are sure you will agree they look delicious!

In addition to our exciting pancake day, we also got to cook with Mrs Walker on Thursday afternoon- lentil daal…which was a hit with the class.

This week we have spent some time looking at walls, as part of our interfaith Arts project. This included looking at multiple types of walls: historical walls such as Hadrian’s Wall and the Berlin Wall, to edible walls made from living plants and herbs and metaphorical walls that we might out up around us if we are feeling sad or unhappy. We looked at the history of the Berlin Wall and thought about how it. Just have felt to be separated from our families.

Today Joshua and Dalia brought in some bits from home to show and talk about with the class. We enjoyed seeing a plethora of adorable baby photos and look forward to next week’s ‘Classmates of the Week’- J’Maarni and Nyiema sharing more about themselves.

Our learner of the week this week was Elijah. He has Ben consistently hard working and persistent in improving his writing during our literacy lessons. In addition to this, he displays exemplary behaviour and is a super ambassador for year 4. Well done and keep up the hard work.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy half term!

This week has been maths week, which was has been lots and lots of fun. On Wednesday morning, we participated in a maths carousel where we had the opportunity to complete lots of different ‘magic maths’ activities. On Thursday, years 3 and 4 took part in the annual house maths quiz, which was very competitive indeed! The winning house was Turnberry, scoring a whopping 112 points! Congratulations Turnberry!

In literacy this week we have been looking at traditional poetry, and have performed a number of poems by the Victorian poet Eleanor Farejon, including ‘bedtime’, which we have had great fun rehearsing and performing and using green screen to super-impose us into bedrooms! This morning we completed a big read comprehension on school in the olden days, and we found in really fascinating how different schools used to be just a few years ago.

In our ‘Maths, No Problem’ lessons this week we have been looking at multiplication and division…we are beginning to see the progress in our rapid recall of times tables which will really help when it moves on to more trickier methods after half term.

On Thursday afternoon, we went up to Allerton High School for the last of our sessions with Mr Bruce using Scratch. I have to admit it was definitely my favourite lessons of all; we got to play each other’s computer games! Some were a lots easier than others! I managed a couple of laps on J’Maarni’s and Ejijah’s game but I must admit I was absolutely rubbish at Alexia’s game!

This afternoon was our Valentine’s disco which was so much fun! We all went home feeling ready for a holiday yo recuperate and prepare for all the fun we have planned next term!

New spellings and homework are in planners and have been sent home this afternoon.

Have a fabulous holiday.

Mrs Culshaw

Vikings attack!

This afternoon we have been writing news reports of the first Viking invasions at Lindisfarne, off Northumbria in England.

We have been working really hard on them and can’t wait to share our reports on greenscreen…








The Science of Sound

What an exciting week it has been this week! On Tuesday, we had a ‘science of sound’ workshop with a fantastic scientist called Sam. He taught us all about how sounds are made through lots of really exciting experiments and hands on activities. We had a brilliant morning and are enthused with lots of amazing ideas of making our very own musical instruments using scrap materials. Over the next few weeks we will be collecting lots of scrap materials including pipe, wooden pallets and tin cans, so if you have anything you may be able to donate lying around and home then year 4 would be very grateful!




Following our exciting sound workshops, we planned and wrote our very own sound television programmes, which we will be filming using green screen and I movie next week. Keep tuned for the finished results!

On Thursday some of us were chosen to use our fabulous new community cafe to cook with Mrs Walker. We used left over bread from our pay as you feel sale and baked delicious bread and butter pudding. Being one of my favourite desserts, I was delighted when it was a hit with almost everybody- and we even managed to sell some after school to fundraise for future cooking activities! We are already planning our innovations on the classic bread and butter pudding- we can’t wait to cook our next batch using chocolate chips!

Yesterday we went to Allerton High School for our computing session with Mr Bruce- we are almost to the point of our completion with our games and are hoping to finish within the next couple of weeks. I am so impressed how they are shaping up!image




This afternoon we spent some time looking at our value of democracy…and had a fantastic debating session where we discussed different enquiry questions before deciding via a blind vote.



My learner of the week this week is Yjesh. He has been such a trooper- despite having a broken ankle and has had an overwhelmingly positive attitude which I am really proud of.

New homework and spellings have come home this evening so check book bags!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mrs Culshaw