Is Orca whale captivity fair?

during a training session at the theme park's Shamu Stadium in Orlando, Fla., Monday, March 7, 2011.(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

during a training session at the theme park’s Shamu Stadium in Orlando, Fla., Monday, March 7, 2011.(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)


Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at Orca whales and deciding whether or not we believe it is fair to use them for our entertainment.


Read our persuasive arguments below.


22 thoughts on “Is Orca whale captivity fair?

  1. They should be in captivity because people think they are safe but I think they are still safe but the only people hunting them are the people that are captured them.

  2. Would you want to be stuck in a paltry,inadequate tank the size of your bath tub for the rest of your life ?

    Although not all would agree, I’m against keeping orcas in captivity because it’s immoral and mean. Despite there are good points, I’m still against .

    Orcas are such majestic, magical yet massive creatures it who’d be a shame to drive them out of existence.

  3. I think keeping Orcas in captivity is bad because they can’t see their family.Amazingly,Orcas are kept in small tanks do you think that’s fair?

  4. Did you know if you keep Orcas in captivity their dosal fin will bend over On the other hand,if they get ill the vet can look after them also,they are the biggest member of the dolphin family.
    Of course not every one will agree,want to say that keeping orcas in captivity is cruel and we shouldn’t catch them any more.

  5. Would you like being stuck in your bath tub for the rest off your life? Amazingly Orcas use echo location to find their pray is and when they find there pray they use the element off surprise to catch it.

    It is bad to keep Orcas in captivity because their Dorsal fin will bend because they don’t have enough space to swim therefor in the ocean they can swim hundreds off miles.

    Orcas are only alone because their in captivity despite when their in the ocean they have there friends and family.

  6. Aulthoug not everyone would agree but I would like to say orca whales in captivity is bad and I am against it orcas need to communicate together.

    Amazingly orcas travel in pods but in tanks they can’t because they are in tanks by their own.

  7. A further reason is that they are chewing metal bars in their wretched tanks which causes teeth problems.
    Furthermore, they are kept in inadquate tanks the size of a tank.
    These majestic ,lovely and wonderful creatures are forced to perform . Do you think this is fair?

  8. Did you know Orcas are the largest members of the dolphin family?swimming in the vast seas,but in captivity they swim in a tank the size of a swimming pool!

    Although not everybody agrees,I want to say that keeping Orcas in captivity is immoral.

    I have good reasons why they shouldn’t be kept in captivity:
    In the wild,Orcas travel in Pods however in captivity they are all alone.They won’t have enough food so they will starve to death.How would you feel if you were stuck in a tank the size of a bathtub with nothing to do.

    On the other hand they might be safe from being hunted but it doesn’t mean they are happy in captivity.

    These poor,majestic,helpless creatures die for their freedom,die for their family,die for a happy life.It is wretched to keep them there,in conclusion,orcas should NOT be kept in captivity and I am strongly against.

    So are you for or against?

  9. Poor Orcas in captivity!

    Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that in captivity it is cruel,horrible and tiny compared to the wild. That is why I strongly disagree with keeping Orcas in captivity.

  10. Amazingly, Oracas can swim up to hundreds of miles in a day and swim thousands in a life time.

    Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that keeping Orcas in captivity is wrong because they get injured p, thier dorsal fin gets bent back in the tank, also they would miss their family, Would you like to be taken away from your family and have to live in a tank for the rest of your life? I wouldn’t, moreover would you?

    Another reason is that they have a shorter life span and usually live up to 10 years duo to paltry conditions. Another reason is their tank is way to small to swim in, don’t forget Orcas are massive and their tanks are paltry, it’s madness.

    A further reason is they don’t get fed properly they get fed frozen fish wiich is bad for their diet. Furthermore, they bite the iron bars furiously to try escape. In addition to this they end up breaking their teeth.

    In summary, I think that I have shown a good argument to show how wretched it is to keep Orcas in captivity.

  11. Did you know orcas are the largest species of dolphins they also grow to 23 feet long . However in captivity they are kept in tanks the size of a SWIMMING POOL

    In addition I think Orcas should be free in the wild not in a bath tub .

    Orcas should be with their pods so they can hunt with them and live a Mutch Mutch longer life

    So all together I am against keeping orcas in captivity, they don’t deserve it.

    Did you know Orcas can live up to 30-50 years old ? Amazingly they also hunt in pods of 5-30 Orcas.

  12. Did you know that orca whales can hold their breath up to 12mins and that orca whales can travel a 100 of miles in pods in their life time?
    Astonishingly,in captivity orcas live in tanks the size of swimming pools how would you feel

  13. Orca whales:dying to entertain you
    Would you like it if you were kept in captivity for the rest of your life? Well that is what Orca whales have to go through every single day!You should never allow orca whales to be in captivity!
    Firstly they only get frozen fish every time they do a trick if they don’t do a trick they get starved!

  14. Astonishingly,Orca whales can swim over hundreds of miles an hour however,on the other hand in captivity they need to swim up to1,400 times. Their is an indaaquate space for Orca whales to swim in.

    Despite not everybody would agree,I want to say that Orcas get injured because they are kept in compact tanks. In addition,they could kill themselves. They only get fed fish after they have performed. If they disobey they will starve to death. Furthermore,the fish they are fed are frozen. Because of these resons I am firmly against keeping Orca whales in captivity. Furthermore,they need to spend time with their family whereas in captivity they are lonely.

    Even though perfume has a wonderful aroma would you hunt these amazing creatures for it?

    Orcas shouldn’t be kept in captivity. They should be free in the wild “FREE ORCAS!!!!”

  15. Horribly Orcas only get fed when they do a trick…?AND frozen fish(eww) Much difrent from their normal diet.

  16. Did you know,that orcas can live up to 30-50 years in the wild however in captivity they live to 10 years and they the population is weak so let them go and the population will grow.

  17. Firstly min 20.10 a lady called Dawn was violently eaten by an Orca further more this wouldn’t off ever happened if the let Orcas be free.

  18. Amazingly ,did you know no one knows how much Orcas/killer whales there are but we know that they die in captivaty. Orcas die thanks to their small tanks so if you don’t want Orcas to die out STOP HUNTING!

    In the graet wild they live to the grand age of 30-50 years. However in captivaty they live to only 10 years. Do you want them to be raleast they don’t have the skill to survive…

  19. Horribly in captivity they only get fed when they do a trick…..And!frozen fish (eww) difrent from their normal diet.

  20. Astonishingly,Orcas can travel thousands of miles in groups called pods however if they travel on their own it will take them tons of days!

    Although not everyone would agree,
    I want to say that keeping Orcas in captivity is a very wrong decision because their dorsel fin gets bent when they aren’t exercising also that their teeth get ill when they chew on the metal bars.

    Moreover,When they’re in captivity they don’t get exercise but when they’re in the wild they get LOTS of exercise!

    In addition,keeping Orcas in captivity is very wrong and we should NEVER do it again.

    Eventhough some people may say that keeping Orcas in captivity is good they should know that it’s very wrong.

    On the whole, I think that keeping a very intelligent creature in captivity is very wrong an I firmly stand against it and I hope you do to.

  21. Sadly,Orca whales live up to 30-50 years in the wild however,they live up to 10 years in captivity Orcas are basically in a bath tub so they don’t get enough exercise as they would in the wild so their muscles get worn out unbelievably.

    Despite not everybody would agree,I want to say that Orcas damage themselves BECAUSE of the tanks they are in also the size of the tank is inadequate.

    Orca whales HAVE to spend time with each other. Unsurprizingly,they get frozen fish in captivity but in the wild they get fresh,wonderful fish.

    Despite the fact perfume has a delightful aroma,would you want me hunted for perfume?Would you want my muscscles to get worn out?

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