Friday 28th March

This week has been action packed with fun! We have been busy looking after our wormeries and of course we had our trip to Filey!
We have been producing some fantastic work this week in literacy; continuing our Myths and Legends topic. Our big write this week was based on Jason and the Golden Fleece and as ever, I am super excited to read them over the weekend as what I have read this morning looks fantastic. Raj impressed me with a fantastic recount in first person as Jason, and Cairan wowed me with a brilliant use of full stops in his writing.
I was really proud of the behaviour of Year 4 when we went on our trip to Filey. The weather was very cold (but luckily not wet) and the children were so sensible it was commented on bv local people we met on our travels. We have done some great geography work as a result of our trip and next week we will be making our own maps of Filey to use in our tourists guide.
Trinity and Liam have impressed me in maths this week. Liam had his highest ever score in his mental maths test and Trinty showed perseverance with our measurement work resulting in good progression.
This weekend Albert is going home with
Our star of the week this week is Liam. This is for being an inspirational person to have in class. He is always sensible, kind and tries his best in his work, even when he finds it tricky. Both myself, Mrs Horsley and Mrs Howard are all really proud of him and have noticed how much progression he is making. Well done 
Have a fantastic weekend
Miss Nicholson

27 thoughts on “Friday 28th March

  1. The trip to Filey was awesome! The thing I liked was when we went to the actqual beach. Me and Peter with Sami threw really heavy stones in to the sea! It was the best day of my life. 🙂

  2. The trip to Filey was awesome! The thing I liked was when we went to the actual beach. Me and Peter with Sami threw really heavy stones in to the sea! It was the best day of my life. 🙂

  3. I had the best day ever our teacher is the best . The most I like it is when we had lunch

  4. My favourite thing of Filey was when we went to the beach because we did a Competition.

  5. The trip was really fun I enjoyed it and my best part was when we went on the sea
    side because I saw diffrent kind of amazing colourfull shells.

  6. The trip was really good,fun and fantastic.But the best part was when we went to the beach and find things.It was my favorate thing becouse you have to be with your group and find things together .

  7. When are class went to Filey there were lots of fish and chip shops. When we went on the beach in Filey it was brilliant beacause there are lots of big rocks and shells. It was so fun.

  8. Filey was grat i got a touy sord and we went to thke

  9. I rely enjoyed Filey 😀 because ther was lots of things I rely rely enjoys the beach!!!!!! THANKYOU so so much.

  10. The beach is my favorite of the trip because it has jelly fish.

  11. I liked when we was playing on the beach beacause we had like 10 mins (: I didit like when I got sand in my food I liked when we got to play in the park I nearly fell on my head and I got water in my food I played with my freind cold john I enjoyed the coche

  12. I think Filey was fantastic. My favourite part was when I went to the beach because
    My feet got wet.

  13. Our trip to Filey was really fun! My favourite part was when we went on some swings made of tires! I enjoyed it because it went really high and when someone pushed you it wobbled! I was nervous when I got on,But I got used to it. I am sorry you couldn’t come.

  14. We went to Filey and it was fun and it was fantastic I liked playing on the seaside to it was good and we went to the toy shop and the sweet shop we went Filey on 28 march 2014

  15. I enjoyed going to have our lunch because we was very hungry and we got to play after are lunch and we wen’t on a tire swing and It was very fun but the weather was very cold when we was having lunch every one was shivering it was brilliant and awsome.

  16. What did you think of your trip to Filey? What did you enjoy most and why?

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