A special message from the North Pole!

Well, today we had 2 very special messages for Trinity and Aidan, delivered to my email! We had videos sent to us from none other than Santa Clas himself! Aidan was thilled and Trinity was totally overwhelmed…we all couldn’t believe that he had found my email address and sent us such special messages. We have all sent our lettters to Santa yesterday so we will keep checking to see if we get any more!

We have had a really exciting week with lots happening in preparation for Christmas. We have done some great work with puctuation and time connectives- Peter and Isha tried really hard, keep  it up.

I have been impressed with Jaya and Anmol’s hard work in maths. We have been looking at handling data and they have produced fantastic bar charts with correctly labelled axis and have been able to answer some really tricky questions about the data!

We are all really excited for Christmas;  and after putting up the Christmas tree in class and writing our letters to Santa Claus are looking forward to our performances, Christingle service and all of the great advent- themed work we have ahead.

Have a fun, relaxing and warm weekend!

Miss Nicholson 🙂