Friday 8th February

What a fun week we have had looking at time! We found lots out about how the Ancient Egyptians told the time, looking at sundials and water clocks. We are even hoping to make our own Egyptian water clock next week!

Yesterday we had so much fun working in house teams on a maths and art quiz. I was really impressed by how hard year 3 worked with their different teams and also some of the mental strategies they were using from our maths lessons. It was great to see. Keep it up guys!

Today we have had our Goldbook assembly. I was delighted to be able to nominate Cairan, Peter and Carla for their hard work and super attitude this half term. Carla’s writing is really imaginitive and this morning she was working so hard she even got to go and work with Miss Judge and the Year 6’s to show them how well her writing had come along! Cairan has just grown up massively since Christmas; and it is really showing in his work. I get good reports left right and centre and I now really look forward to reading his big writes each week. Peter has just been an expert on the Egyptians; his work has been super and his attitude is always fantastic.

This week my stars of the week are Isha and Kailan. Kailan has only been a member of our class for a short time but has settled really well into Year3 and always shows 5 and is so kind to other children. Isha has just been a star; trying hard in Read Write Inc, Maths and just generally being really helpful and enthusiastic. 🙂

Have a great weekend- one week left till half term and loads of exciting stuff to fit in!

Miss Nicholson 🙂