Friday 8th March

A busy week as ever! We have had lots of fun this week looking at Fair Trade and World Book Day. Today we wrote reviews of our favourite books which was great- I can’t wait to read through them and see if there are any recommendations! Aidan’s book looked really interesting.

Our writing this week was all about Horrid Henry; we wrote a book of ‘Year 3’s Terrible Top Tips for Taming Teachers’. These have all been collated into a book, which I have to say, have some very worrying ideas of how to tame the teachers and get our own way! I may have to hide this book incase anybody uses it for ideas on how to trick me! Liam’s writing was very funny and Aidan had some super ideas (well, not so super…more mischievious…’I would pretend I was allergic to fruit and that I could only eat sweets at playtime!’) I was also impressed by Anmol’s writing; he used a range of connectives and vocabulary that made his writing very funny to read.

Our stars of the week this week are Noor and Liam. Both have really impressed me in Maths this week. We have been looking at handling data; which is fair to say can be very tricky at times but both Noor and Liam have tried tremendously hard and shown a super attitude. I have been really impressed by them both. Keep it up guys! 🙂

Next week is parent’s evening; I can’t wait to see everybody’s families again and show them all the great work we have been doing.

Have a fantastic weekend, and more importantly; spoil your mum’s rotten on Sunday (don’t forget to give them the cards we made!).

Miss Nicholson 🙂


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