Lucy steps into the wardrobe (2)

A light in the distance that light was coming from a lamppost than Lucy had a fightfull shock by some strange creature he said his name was Mr tumnus and said what is your name Lucy replied my name is Lucy than Mr tumnus said how would it be if came to mine for tea so there they were holding arm by arm like that had known each over forever than that arrived at Mr tumnus’s house it was a cave but I fact a very nice cave it polished with also two seats one for Mr tumnus and one for a friend than they sat down and ate tea and after that Mr tumnus said would you like to here a tune but than she saw some thing hapaning in the fire than suddenly fell a sleep when Lucy had woke up and Mr tumnus was crying his eyes out saying he was a bad fawn and Lucy said what’s wrong than Mr tumnus said I’m kidnapping you than said if I ever saw a daghter of eve or a son of Adam I was to wait to you fall a sleep and hand you over to the white witch than Lucy said will you let me go home than said Mr tumnus I must let you go home than said can you find your way home from here