A challenge for you!

Calling all Year 4!

I have heard of a very famous person called Maradona, but in my infinite wisdom don’t know very much about him! Can you find out any interesting facts about Maradona and let me know.

What was Maradona famous for?

Where is he from?

Are there any famous stories about Maradona?

Can you find me any pictures of Maradona so that I know what he looks like?

Good luck!

Miss N 🙂

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  1. Maradona is from Argentina. His nickname is The hand of god.Because he hand balled a goal in the goal. The refery thought maradona he’d ed the ball. 🙂

  2. When Maradona scored a goal with his hand he was playing against England! Did you know Maradona hasn’t died!

  3. Diego
    Maradona is an Argentine football coach as well as a manager and former player. Diego Mardona currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, metropolitan area in South America.

    • Hi Jaya, how old would that make Maradona now, and when he played against England? Could you check that again?

  4. Madonnas nick name is hand of god because when he scored a goal he used his hand.

  5. Maradona was born October 30th 1920 he was a coach for Argentina his famous nickname was the hand of god

  6. Diego Maradona is one of the greatest football players of all time and is famous for various things. For one, he captained the Argentine national team to victory in the Cup. He is the only player to win the Golden Ball at both the FIFA U-20 World Cup and FIFA World Cup, in 1979 and 1986. Maradona is from Argentina.

  7. Maradona was raised in Villa Fiorito, a shantytown on the southern outskirts of Buenos Aires. One of six children in a poor family, he says in his autobiography that his father never allowed him to

  8. Diego Maradona is famous as the captain of Argentina that won the World Cup in 1986!

  9. Diego Armando Maradona was born on October 30, 1960, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maradona led club teams to championships in Argentina, Italy and Spain, and famously starred for the Argentinean team that won the 1986 World Cup. However, the soccer legend’s career was marred by a pair of high-profile suspensions for drug use, and he has often battled health problems in retirement.

  10. The 1986 World Cup was a triumph for Argentina and made Maradona the most famous soccer player since Pele. He was even named “athlete of the decade” …

  11. Diego Armando Maradona Franco (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈdjeɣo maɾaˈðona], born 30 October 1960) is a retired Argentine footballer. He has served as a manager and coach at other clubs as well as for the national team of Argentina. Many experts, football critics, former players, current players and football fans regard Maradona as the best football player of all time.[5][6][7][8] He was joint FIFA Player of the 20th Century with Pelé.[9][10]

  12. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diego_Maradona
    Diego Armando Maradona Franco is a retired Argentine footballer. He has served as a manager and coach at other clubs as well as for the national team of …
    ‎Diego Sinagra – ‎Al Wasl FC – ‎New Maradona – ‎Argentinos Juniors

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