Aaargh! Snow!

I have had a lovely week and the children have really impressed me with their hard work and enthusiasm.

This week in literacy we have studied the story of Thor and his magic hammer, as part of our myths and legends topic, focusing on Viking myths. We have done some excellent comprehensions and learnt how to use direct speech marks and apostrophes accurately. Our extended write today was a retelling of the Viking saga; and of course, I expected to see speech marks alongside other things in our writer’s toolkit.

In maths we have been looking at decimal numbers- looking at how decimal numbers can convert into fractions and then ordering and rounding decimal numbers to 1 and 2 decimal places. I have to say I have been really impressed by how hard everybody has worked this week during some really tricky maths lessons!

We also began to think about our new topic- the Anglo Saxons Vs the Vikings. I have to say the children thought of some excellent facts they already knew from sources such as Horrible Histories and then thought carefully about what they would like to find out over the coming term. We have already started to find out some exciting and gruesome facts…did you know that in Anglo Saxon times, if you were convicted of lying you would lose your tongue?! Ouch! The children are incredibly excited about this new topic, and I am too!

This week some of us have had a pen pass trial, to be reviewed over the coming week. I am continually impressed by the handwriting and presentation of individuals in the class and wanted to reward this with the prospect of a pen pass. Well done!
This week my star of the week is Sairah. She has been trying really hard this week, being and exceptional role model to her peers. I am particularly proud of Sairah this week and wanted to recognise how hard I know she has been trying.

Next week we will be continuing our topic on myths and legends and looking further into life in Anglo Saxon times.
The new homework grid has come home this week; please read through the guidance on the bottom of the sheet and try to support your child to complete at least one piece of quality homework each week.

Have a fantastic weekend…I hope we get more snow…how exciting!

Miss Nicholson 🙂