Alice in Numberland meets Pancake Pandemonium!

Wow! Thinking back over the week, I actually can’t believe how much we’ve done!

It’s been a fantastic week; following the theme of ‘Alice in Numberland’ which we have simply had SO much fun with! We kicked off our week with a whole school maths game, where we worked with different teams from each year group and worked together to spot a pattern and make predictions.



Tuesday saw ‘Pancake Pandemonium’ where not only did we get to take part in a hilarious obstacle course (whilst navigating holding a frying pan containing a pancake), but we also got to eat them as well! A morning well spent!






Following this, we then looked at different types of triangles, before making giant triangles from newspaper that we could quiz each other on by looking at their features. I was really impressed with how hard Keira worked, she made a wonderful Scalene triangle which is pride of place on display in our classroom.





In maths this week we have also played maths games with Year 1, and participated in a very competitive Year 4 inter-house maths quiz…in which Wentworth were the very deservent winners! Myself and Mrs Carter were really impressed with the fantastic problem solving and reasoning that we saw.





Our literacy this week was also linked to ‘Alice in Wonderland’. We asked and answered questions about the text, before writing some descriptive ‘ad,same ad sentences’ and a short narrative about what life would be like if we drank a bottle of potion that made us shrink to as small as Alice! I was really impressed with the children’s writing. Manya’s story in particular was full of wonderful vocabulary and really showed off her fantastic writer’s voice. Manya has only been with us over the last half term, and it is wonderful to see the brilliant progress she is already making since starting with us!

In science this week we delved even deeper into our ‘sound’ topic, and thought about how sounds travel as vibrations. We then had a great deal of fun making our own string-cup telephones. We thought about how this experiment could possibly work. and discovered that when you speak into the cup, the back of the cup vibrates; the vibration extends into the string, like a push on a slinky; the sound waves, or vibrations, move through the string and to the cup on the other end which then amplifies the vibrations into a sound! Which worked better: taut or loose?





My star this week is Kristel. I’ve been really proud of the effort she has made with her writing recently; I’ve seen masses of progress in a few short weeks and I can tell how hard she is trying. Well done Kristel and keep up this fabulous attitude!

Well, another half term bites the dust! I don’t know where the time has gone! Looking forward to a really action packed half term when we come back from the holidays…we have lots and lots of exciting things coming up which you will find out about the first week back.

Have a happy, healthy and fun-filled half term holiday!

Miss Nicholson 🙂