Allerton’s certainly got talent!

Today we have spent a fantastic afternoon watching the finals of ‘Allerton’s got talent’…wow! We were so impressed by the standard of the acts and will go home tonight to ponder over the winner until we vote on Monday morning. Well done to everyone who took part!

This week has been one of the busiest (but most fun) weeks of the year! It has been ‘health week’, and we have really enjoyed participating in lots of fun activities, such as scootering. We also kept a ‘health diary’, where we documented things like our diet, our water intake, how much sleep we had and how we were feeling overall. It was interesting to see the direct impact of what we had to eat and how much sleep we had on our overall mood!

On Thursday we completed our mile run. It was trickier than we anticipated and we really had to think about our pace and breathing in order to have enough stamina to make it around the course. Everyone made a wonderful effort…with some children even completing the course again in their playtime! Jai’von, Sebastian and Charlotte were our fastest times in the class. We definitely need to get them doing cross country with Miss Wright soon!

Next week we have our end of year assessments, so we will be completing a reading and maths test. Make sure you are reading as much as you possibly can over the weekend and practise, practise, practise those times tables!We have done plenty of preparation in our lessons this week so I am looking forward to showing off all of the wonderful progress we have made!

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sunshine. 3 more weeks together…I am getting sad thinking about it already!

Miss Nicholson 🙂