Anti Bullying Week 2015

What a busy week! We have been beavering away learning lots about anti- bullying, in surplus to lots of other exciting things such as Takeover DAY.

This week we have had lots of fun with our reading passport activities; really getting to grips with our newspapers and completing some exciting activities such as creating word banks and an online shop. In addition to this, in literacy we have been starting to think about the features of non-fiction texts, and spent an enjoyable lesson researching and evaluating different text types and their features.

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In maths this week we have learnt how to use the grid method to multiply. It has been tricky at times, but I have been really proud of how resilient we have become and by the end of the week we were all feeling happy and secure with this method.

In RE this week we thought about the Jewish festival of light, known as Hanukkah. We listened to the story of the Maccabees and then produced freeze frames of key parts of the story. I was really impressed by how the children worked together to produce thoughtful and mature sequences.

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This week has been anti-bullying week, and we have really focussed on what it means to be a good friend. We thought about all of the things that friendship was and how friendship made us feel before creating our own poetry. We then placed our poetry into Wordle and created our own word art based on friendship. We also partook in circle time sessions where we discussed different scenario cards and offered solutions before deciding on our favourite way to tackle the given problem.


Today has been Takeover day, one of the most exciting days of the year! We had the pleasure of having 2 new teachers in our class teaching us, as well as several additional teaching assistants. As ever, it was a wonderful day and everyone played a part in making it a special experience.

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This week my star of the week is Oscar. This is in part due to his amazing homework, where he produced a fantastic model of a Roman aqueduct, but mainly just for being an always child. I can always rely on Oscar to do the very best of his ability and he really is a wonderful ambassador for year 4. Congratulations Oscar and may your hard work continue!

PE next week will be on Friday, so please bring kits in for then!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Nicholson 🙂