Bread-baking bonanza!

Well a shorter week has meant that we have worked twice as hard to fit everything in this week! This week has flown by in a whirl of excitement!

We began the week on Tuesday by researching and evaluating different purses and wallets ready to design and make our own. I was really impressed with how hard Mya tried with her designs, I can really see she has a keen eye for fashion!

We also spent a busy afternoon making lots of different types of bread. From simple white crusty loaves, to cheesy bread and even pizza, year 4 smelt absolutely delicious!

We continued our poetry topic, looking further into traditional poetry. We focused in particular on Eleanor Farjeon, and looked at lots of grammatical features that make her poetry really effective. In maths we looked at adding fractions with the same denominator and how to convert fractions into decimals…tricky stuff, and I was so impressed with everyone’s resilience!

Our star of the week this week is Sairah. I am continually proud of her kind and caring nature and fantastic attitude towards her learning. She is such a brilliant role model to have in year 4 and I wanted to recognise her commitment to always trying her best.

Have a super weekend,

Miss Nicholson 🙂