8 thoughts on “E Safety day 2015

  1. To make the Internet a safer place we should not share our password or username and shut down the computer properly before leaving it.

    Charlotte,Kaela and Connie

  2. E safetey day is well planed because it helps protect children from going on public websites that have viruses.It tells us not to give private details to anyone.It also tells us not to say bad things to others because you can get into trouble.By Sarirah and Eileen.

  3. No hackers hacking into the technology and no virus in the computer! To help the public and safer…

  4. To make your account stronger; add symbols and numbers aswell!

  5. Me and Skye have some ideas

    Leave kind comments even if you think the video is a bit silly

  6. There should be a website for under 10 year olds that allows you to stay safe on the Internet also coming up with small updates to keep you safe with no swearing

  7. I think that the world would be a better place if there was no such thing as Hacking!
    Also,to make your account safer (On anything) is to make you user and pass quite complex using different numbers and symbols e.g ; # or @.

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