Friday 13th…not unlucky in Year 4!

Another week has just flown by and I am once again hugely proud of my fantastic Year 4s!

We have been really inspired in literacy this week; learning all about the majestic Orca, writing information texts about them and then learning about the positive and negatives of keeping them in captivity. We are gearing ourselves up for writing some fantastic discussion texts next week.

This week in maths we have been extending our knowledge of multiplication methods; some of us moving onto using grid method some even compact method! Everyone made such a superb effort and this made me really proud. 🙂 I can tell that some of us have really been making an effort to learn ALL of our times tables.

On Thursday it was world maths day and we got to play some of the amazing new maths games that have arrived in school. It was really exciting and got pretty competitive!

Today it has been Comic Relief and I was amazed at how much effort some of us had put into making our hair as crazy as possible! David and Isobel looked brilliant with their dyed hair and Phillippa and Kaela looked…well..just crazy!

Next week is science week and I am SO excited about some of the really exciting things we have planned!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Nicholson 🙂