Friday 16th May

Well what a fantastic week we’ve had!

The atmosphere in the classroom has been amazing this week, we have been using our Ipads every day and I am so proud of how skilled the children are becoming with using them. I can safely say everyone is taking charge of their own learning and pushing themselves to achieve.

We have been doing some of our end of year tests this week (I know…end of year…can’t believe it!) and I have been so proud of how hard everyone has tried and some of the amazing progress some of us have made. I was particularly proud of Anmol, Tom and Ream ‘s reading test results. I’m sure they are proud of themselves too!

We have been writing reports all about Brazil; including some interesting facts about the carnivals, the climate and even the food. Did you know that one Brazilian carnival costume can take up to one year to make?

This week my star is Carla. What a massive improvement in her attitude we have seen and it has made myself and the whole of Year 4 incredibly proud…keep it up!

This week Albert has gone home with Sami. Sami really impressed me with an excellent mental maths test result this week. Keep up your hard work!

Have a wonderful weekend in the sunshine; I will be thinking of you all when I am lugging boxes to my new house! Hopefully there might be time for an icecream on the balcony when I am finished!

Miss Nicholson 🙂

3 thoughts on “Friday 16th May

    • He has been working hard Rhys. We are all proud of him, aren’t we?

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