Friday 17th January

We have had so much fun this week. I can’t believe it’s Friday again!

We have done some excellent science this week looking at our new topic, ‘Rocks and Soils’. We all really enjoyed going on a detective hunt around school looking for different things made from rock. We found out that lots of buildings are made from rock and now we want to know what it is that makes them a good material to use.

We began our Geography topic, where we used atlases to locate where different parts of the world were, including the continents and oceans. We then looked at where the United Kingdom is on the world map- and found out it is very tiny! I was really impressed by some children’s map reading skills. In particular, Anmol and Rhys worked really hard and I was proud of their logical thinking and scientific brains.

Our star of the week this week is Anmol. I have been really proud of his involvement in all aspects of our new topic, and how knowledgeable he is already about the different types of rock and how they are made.

Albert is going home with Harshvir. I look forward to reading what he gets up to this weekend…his diary is getting really full of fantastic adventures!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Nicholson