Friday 24th January

We’ve had another busy week and it’s about that time again! Can you believe it?

We have done lots of exciting work this week. First of all we looked at how volcanos work and I was really proud of some of the excellent diagrams that were produced explaining how they function.We carried on with our Geography topic; finding out why the United Kingdom has its’ name and where England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are.

Our Big Writes this week were pretty impressive; we had to write a set of instructions for how to catch a star, based on a piece of visual literacy we had seen about a firefly and a boy. Some of the ideas were really inventive, and I was proud to see how some children had really thought about all of the features they needed to include, like bullet points and sub-headings.

Our star of the week this week is Raj. I have been impressed with how hard he is trying in maths, this week using the expanded column method to add and using number lines to subtract like a whizz!

Albert is going home with Harshvir. I look forward to reading what he gets up to this weekend…his diary is getting really full of fantastic adventures!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Nicholson