Friday 26th February

Another Friday descends upon us and it has been wonderful to reflect upon the past week and think about all of the wonderful things we have done. It’s funny how the half term holidays already seem like a distant memory away!

We kicked off our new half term with sinking our teeth right into our new topic: The Vikings!!
During our literacy lessons this week, we researched about the Viking story of creation before choosing to write about either Midgard (the human world), Asgard (the world of the gods) or Jotunheim (the land of the frost giants). Suffice to say, I was incredibly impressed with the writing we produced; in particular, Stefan and Taylors’ choice of vocabulary was both illustrative and exciting. Well done boys!

In maths this week our focus has been data and co-ordinates. I am proud of how hard Keira and Sophie worked and the progress they made. Their bar charts were accurate and they had thought carefully about which intervals to use on their Y axis in order to display their data accurately. Today we played an exciting game of ‘capture the island’; where we worked against our partner to plot co-ordinates and take over the largest area of a desert island.

In topic this week we worked tirelessly to produce rousing and informative newspaper reports about the first ever Viking invasion on English soil, at Lindisfarne monastery. Our reports were successful in portraying how terrifying the raid was, and how unprepared the monks were. In Science, we commenced our new topic on the digestive system, which entailed an exciting lesson researching what different parts of the digestive system do.

I have been really appreciative of how hard everyone has worked this week. It has been great to see so many of us stepping up to the challenge of year 4 and taking ownership of their own learning. For some, the half term holidays has been an opportunity to raise their game and come back ready to learn, and I am really proud of this. In particular, Dominic has really stood out to me this week, for all the right reasons. He has remembered to hand his homework in and change his reading book, something I know he has struggled to remember to do without prompt in the past. He seems to be really independent and has matured a great deal in a few short weeks. Well done Dominic- I hope this continues!

Next week is shaping into a busy old week for year 4- On Monday, some of us are off to the Young Voices concert at Manchester Arena (the first year I have not taken part in so I am very jealous!). On Tuesday we have the children taking part in the Space 2 Arts Project off to Leeds Beckett University and on Wednesday we have the ‘Blah Blah Blah’ Theatre Company coming into school to do some exciting drama work based on our class novel, ‘There’s a Viking in my Bed’, by Jeremy Strong. In addition to this, on Thursday it’s World Book Day and we also kick off FairTrade Fortnight across school. I think by Friday we will be well in need of a rest! A busy but exciting week indeed!

Grammar homework, spellings and Maths homework have been set today, due in next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and re-charge those batteries for a busy week ahead!

Miss Nicholson