Friday 4th July

Another week has flown by! The sun is out and we have been working hard!
This week has been absolutely action packed from beginning to end! We have been working hard to complete our chairs for the playhouse art project and I am impressed by the level of care and attention everyone has paid to their artwork. It has taken a lot of patience to put them all together!
On Wednesday we had our KS2 sports day…it was a tense and exciting afternoon and I was proud of some of the incredible budding athletes we have in the class! I was particularly grateful to Bailey and Isha who helped with setting up the hurdles races and had the rather irritating job of re-setting the hurdles every time they blew over in the wind…which was a lot!
Yesterday we had our trip to Old Trafford Football Stadium in Manchester. I have to say it was probably my favourite trip of the year and I was so proud of all of the children’s behaviour. They were exceptionally sensible and I was proud to say I was part of the school.
This week my star of the week is Sami. I have been really proud of how sensible he has been this week, and also of how fantastic his artwork is. He has really taken care and persevered with making his work as neat as he can. Well done Sami!
Only 2 weeks left of Year 4…I am starting to feel sad already!
Miss Nicholson