Friday 5th February

Another Friday descends upon it and it is one of my favourite times of the week. Filled of pride, I have the opportunity to reflect on all of the fabulous learning that’s taken place and feel grateful to have such hard working, kind and caring children in my class.

This week we started our new literacy topic, looking at the Anglo Saxon myth, ‘Beowulf’. We have drawn such a lot of inspiration from this spooky tale, and this afternoon accumulated a week of wonderful performance and drama work into describing our own mythical creatures. Suffice to say the standard of writing is fantastic. I am so proud of the level of vocabulary and language that the children are using to really hook their reader!




This week in maths we’ve continued looking at decimals. If there is anything to be learnt about decimals; we’ve done it! From ordering and comparing to rounding, we are now seasoned pro’s. Next week is maths week, so I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into some exciting problem solving activities, linked to ‘Alice in Numberland’!

In topic this week we became true historians, using techniques used by archaeologiest to look at Anglo Saxon artefacts, before drawing assumptions. We also started to look at the mystery of Sutton Hoo….how was it that a Viking longboat came to rest in a burial site so far inland?! Fascinating! We can’t wait to find out more next week!


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My star of the week this week is Keira. At the best of times, Keira finds it tricky to get going with her writing (I’m sure she won’t mind me saying) but I was astounded by her writing this afternoon. Wow, what a super amount of vocabulary. I think I’ll be sleeping with the lights on after reading it!

New Maths and Grammar homework has gone home tonight along with next week’s spellings. Remember, it’s page 5, all about adjectives…so I’m preparing myself to be impressed!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Nicholson 🙂