Friday 6th February

Another very busy week has flown by with lots of super work being produced!

We have been squirreling away writing our own Viking myths this week, and although they need completing, I can already see how fantastic they are going to be!

In maths we have been looking at co-ordinates. Once again I have been astounded by the level of perseverance shown by the children and am so proud of how hard some children are pushing themselves; progressing to plotting co-ordinates int 4 QUADRANTS!! Wow!

On Wednesday Isobel, Charlotte and Wah Ming went to Herd Farm to trial the new mountain bike track and had a wonderful day. The rest of us left behind in school had an exciting morning battling each other to locate pirate treasure using maps…Mrs Bentley got quite competitive in her match against Maddie!In the afternoon we tested and made a variety of different circuits and discovered what effects putting more components into a circuit had.

Today we had our Gold Book assembly and as ever, I found it really difficult to narrow it down as I could choose everybody. After a lot of deliberation I finally chose Isobel, Wah Ming, Sairah and Eileen for being always children and getting the recognition and thanks from me that they deserve. Well done; I am incredibly proud to have all four of you in my class.

Next week is the last week before half term (how, I ask!) and what a busy week it is! We have a maths and art focus week where we will be participating on lots of fun and exciting maths activities. It is also E-Safety week; so we have visitors coming to school to tell us how to keep extra-safe online and workshops taking place left, right and centre!

Have a really lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you for an action packed last week!

Miss Nicholson 🙂