Friday Early Bird

Can you think of words or pictures to describe the photograph below. Think about sights, sounds, smells and what you would be able to hear. You may want to use alliteration or a simile. Good luck!


28 thoughts on “Friday Early Bird

  1. The air smelled smoke like I was going to die it was horrible smelled discucustine smell.
    A discustine taste of smoke.

  2. In that picture I can smell the Burning smoke and I can see bones and guns .

  3. I can smell the smokey air from the massive boms exploding . I can see armies preparing for the huge battle . I can hear strong earth quakes shaking the hard ground. I feel like it’s going to be the last moment of my life . My heart is thumping realy fast . Oh what am I going to do ? I’m doomed !

    • Ream, I am proud of this short description! I love how you have created suspense and used a great range of punctuation. I love your rhetorical question!

  4. I saw solder’s scattered all over the place I even herd thunder and gun’s.
    I smelt gas and died.

  5. I can smell the polluted air . I can hear bombs popping . I can. See mountains as high as the sky . I can also see other enemy’s coming to start another horrifying , scary fight . I feel like I’m going to die or maybe even really injure myself . It’s so confusing because I have no idea what’s going to happen

    • Wow Zelan, this is a fantastic description. You have really captured how it would feel to be arriving on that beach and the sense of anticipation you would feel. I an proud. Well done!

  6. I can see solders every were i look scattered all over the place.
    I can hear bombs that have bursted in the last 2seconds.
    I can smell smoky bombs that are coming towards me and the crue I feel worried what if one of my friends died.

  7. “Alright,here we go,one more step to kill the enimies for my country.I hope I succeed my fate and if I die I will know my country are safe.Oh,there’s my captain saying,”GO TO WAR,GO TO WAR!!”So I got of the boat and went to get my victory,But wait what’s that horrible stench,filth you could call it. I don’t know if I should even go,but I have to do it I am the one my people believe in. Off I go. I hope I have great fun trying to reach my goal. Can you see that? Soilgiers scattered over the field. Now is my chance to keep my county safe. Here I go.

    • Wow Saffron- you have created a really powerful internal monologue. I love your use of rhetorical questions and the sense of pride you have created for your character, and the massive pressure they feel they have on their shoulders to succeed.

  8. It smells like smell and bombs.?
    It looks like sewage in the see.?
    It feel lik metull.?

  9. It was a sad day all them years ago it makes you feel sad. Because lot of people lost there live on that faithful day.

  10. All I could see is dead solders scattered all over France and Oslo it smell’s like flesh in the air

  11. Peace turning into war !
    Armies as big as the biggest ships !
    Water as cold as the coldest ice alive !
    And the smell of defeat …

    • I like this a lot Hamza. I really like the metaphor you have written about smelling defeat in the air. Powerful!

  12. Hear:I can hear gouns and bombs .

    Smell:I can smell fire .

    See:I can see the France shoulders shouting.

    Taste:I can taste the fresh wind .

  13. See:I can see some men sail in there boat on the beach .

    Smell:I can smell the Guns and Mgs firing and grenades Exploding.Makeing Air.

    Hear:I Can hear the Waves Comeing almost Crashing the Allies boat.

    Touch:I can Touch the Waves Comeing Aggeinst The boat Flying Everywhere!!!

  14. I can see built’s flying across sweet air and in to the cold sea and blood all over the cold breezing sea I can feel all of the sweaty sea

  15. I can see people shouting HELP HELP. And running away stamping there feet on the ground . I Can smell steam gass smoke in the air .
    I can hear people shouting stand strait
    I I don’t like it

  16. It sounds like the Water’s sinking because I can here something.

  17. I can smell smoke and fire.I can see soldiers gavring all around me.I can hear people saying ready to start and I can here the guns trying to KILL people and break the boat with 100 bombs

  18. I hear the bullets Firing at men . I see the men getting killed. I smell gas in the air. I here’d the sound of war.

  19. The photograph is very old in the1989-1998
    The photograph is dusty
    If I was on that boat I would be happy

  20. If I was on that bout I would feel terrified because I would never know if a bomb came

  21. Old,I can hear tanks firing at the uther team,I can see dead body’s liging on the ground,I can smell fire and smoke in the air

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