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Good Morning Year 4!

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I hadn’t seen the door before. It wasn’t there last night. Cautiously, I turned the handle.

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  1. One day I want to my grandma grandads house suddenly I’ve sawn my grandma and graddads door open, the door look diffrenerent it’t so diffrenerenrent that I keep thinking about it even when I eat my lunch and even when I went to bed well the thing is I’ve hadn’t seen the door before. It wasn’t there last night. Cautiously ,I turned handel and then my mam and dad cold me and said “your grandma is very not happy even your granddad can’t make her happy so that means you have to be very very good .

  2. I hadn’t seen the door before . It wasn’t there last night . Cautiously , I turned the handle and suddenly the door opened and I found my self in a dark black hornted house . The house looked so old and scarey that it even had massive webs hanging down the walls and bones laying in the corners scattered with blood . As I approached the bones I heared a spooky laugh . And when I was just about to take a other step a flashing door opened under my feet and suddenly with a blink of an eye I returned back where I began

    • Wow Ream! I love your use of time connectives like suddenly! I also really like your surprise ending. Well done 🙂

  3. And then I opined the old creepy door neves …
    Arrrr! Theirs a mgesic monster standing in the module of the room stering at me
    With his hell red eye’s and then it came to me slowly and scerd. I wonder if
    He’s nice or evil and I came to him and hels nice and I gave him a nice hug.

    • I like how you have included adverbs like ‘nervously’ Zac. Well done!

  4. And there I found a amazing place in side there was chocolates and sweets everywhere I was so surprise. I went around this beautiful place to see if there was someone who was here or was I the only here in this place. No I can’t be the only one in this sweety land I am just going to search again in case there is some one there. Oh no there is know one here what shall I do oh I’ve got an idea I can go out of the door . Oh no the door is closed that means I am trapped here for ever…….to be continued.

    • Wow lots of suspense Isha…don’t forget, questions need rto be punctuated with a question mark!

  5. wen i trnd the door handul i got sukt in to the door then i wok up weni got
    up in a hontid haws a gost cild my.

  6. As I turned the handle I felt a shiver .I was terrified
    What could be behind that creepy, spooky door
    I opened the door and went in side THE DOOR SLAMED!
    behind me I tried to open the door it wouldn’t open it must of been super glued. As I went down the stairs one of the boards broke and dropped in to a bunch of spider webs. I looked and there was a skeleton on the floor holding my favourite doll.

    • Oh my word you’ve given me the shivers! What a spooky mini- saga! Super work! 🙂

  7. And then a man was there and a butty full light was there to I sink and give it a hug and it bern me I walk away slawly the man wake up I ran as tobo but I was to lat in 10second she was one of me and it live happy ever after.

  8. And suddenly I saw bair’s, dinosaur’s, hunter’s and bird’s.

  9. When I turned the handle of the door, this white light gleamed in my face like a blindness affect! But things did change, because the lite had faded away and it had unraveled a passage that had tunnelled through the cellars, in addition to the cellars there were a couple of graves witch did to make it look like the castles one. Maybe It had tunnelled through the castles nobody knows accept God.

  10. A magical portle awakend ! Some reason it was pulling me in ? Then , I was pulled in into , a place , called …
    The multiverse !
    It was home to whatever you wanted to become !
    I climbed the highest mountain and I finally found the cliff of wishes and I said that I wish for the multiverse to have Pokemon and that’s when the evil comes to life …

  11. I hadn’t seen the door before. It was’t there last night. Cautiously,I turned the handle…There were the multevers with lots of mythalogicale creature!!!!! I had to stop them from destroying all the world .

    • Brilliant vocabulary Delaney! ‘Mythological creatures’…wow…can you give any examples of the things you saw?

  12. I suddenly opened the door I was terrified my heart was beating I didn’t know what to do so I looked down and I had the most scariest fright of my life there was a skull on the floor ahhhhhhhhh . Someone help I’m horrified please help . Oh no I don’t know what to do .

    • Wow Zelan…a spooky story! I like the use of the word horrified!

  13. I hadn’t seen the door wasn’t there last night cautiously I turned the handle in. Fear when there wasn’t even there!!! But I Didn’t, see the door and
    SLAM!!! It slammed I looked felling terrified but At the same time very brave. At last the door was invisible was the problem but I Couldn’t, see anybody Slam the door so it seemed Like it was a ghost? or a MYSTERY!!!!!! Or a mythacial creature but I was Sure when I entered the door it Was vanished. It seemed it was a Haunted house!!! Full of mythical creatures Scary bats. It was The end Of the World!!! The Haunted house was full Of fear and doom and very scary things.

    • There are lots of things going on in this Peter! You have some super ideas. However, make sure you read back over your work before you post it as there are parts of this where I am a bit confused. Super effort! 🙂

  14. When I went inside the curious door at first it was all black a few seconds later it was so light I could not lock. Suddenly I felt a light on the wall then I switched the light of then suddenly a torch appeared in my pocket and then I took it out of my pocket then switched it on. I saw some stairs and then I whent up the stairs. Then I saw a picture on the wall of me then I ran out of the door.

    • Wow…that is some scary stuff! I really like the use of your time connectives Tom. Well done!

  15. I turned the handle and it wooden’t open and it magicly opened so I strolled out and look I seen a shadow I strolled down stairs and my mum was gone I was doomed!!! I runned away from the house and the ghost followed me I know

    • Oh my! A scary continuation of the story Harshvir. Make sure you read and edit your work before you press send!

  16. As I opened it I saw a girl her name was Alice she said ”can you be my friend” I said I can not becaus I had to go to school.”help me pleas” she said as I whent out of the Orphanage.”she is torthering me”who is I said her as I turned around a women was looking at me.who are you I asct.she had no eye’s my name is…
    The devil she had fire in her hands go away I asct she said no so I brought out my gun and shot her in the mought.she fell down to the flour I saved the world.

    • Wow Rhys… I will need to sleep with the light on after reading this! Well done for attempting to include speech marks in your writing.

  17. So I look inside the room it was dark so I went up stairs to get my torch I went back down I went back in room there we’re army helmets and bines then I realise that it was a dream .

    • Oooh…a creative idea Zorawar! I like that you thought it was a bad dream!

  18. And there was a big pitch black passage way I walked in and it was a cave under ground. it was so so so frighting! I was walking through and there was SCREAming AHHHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHHH. Help me.
    So I ran as fast as I could and it was a little girl screaming because she was stuck in the cave and then the lights turned of.

    • Lots of suspense in here Bailey! An excellent mini saga. Well done!

  19. I turned the Handel I slowly walked in but as I walked in I tripped over some thing I couldn’t see it propaly so I grabed my torch to see what it was it was a golden key so I ceped the key I was slowly walking towords the light a door I got my golden key out and unlocked the door but it was just pich black and I never saw the day light again ?

    • Carmen, I really like your use of adverbs like ‘slowly’. Read over your work before you post it because you haven’t included any full stops!

  20. I hadn’t seen the door before,so I turned the handle and went inside. Inside I found that it was a janitors closet. Brooms everywhere,dusty,dry sweeping brushes also a mop with a dress on! Earlier on I saw a man come in here and did a puzzle. After he went in he was gone. I tried the puzzle and it opened into a secret door. It was the hospital for super Hero’s. I saw the man that ran the building and he gave me a job! Not bad when you come to school sometimes!

    • I love this! A really excellent idea and a fantastic mini saga. I like your description of the inside of the closet! Well done.

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