24 thoughts on “Friday’s early bird

  1. I had woken up and as I looked around things weren’t normal, as I walked on the creaky floor boards and some of them seemed to crack. It was like something had put a virus on the whole entire galaxy! It must of been the dark void it’s ruining the whole solar system! I know it seems bad beacause it is bad.”Oh wait do you see that fire extinguisher”? “Mabey I can use it to uninfect the whole virus and then…I could just about reverse it”! And so,I did what I thought.SUDDENLY! The creepy house turned into a beautiful mansion and everything seemed normal again like its normal self.

  2. Amandnd house all alone with no one living in there. You now why is because there are lots of mythalogicale creature like Medusa , the Minotor , ghosts , hydra and for Halloween the children go to that house but they don’t know that in that house there live lots of mythalogicale creature and Medusa opens the door and she tears all the children’s into stone and everŷ single Halloween the children keep disapering …

  3. The house looks scary ,spooky and terrifying. How could a person live in that old abandoned creepy house? There’s spookiness in the air all around the house. Thunder crackles and lightening strikes near it every were.It just looks mysterious theres something about that house.

  4. In the deep dark woods there is a big black hornted house . It’s even written in books that anyone who enters the big black hornted house will tern into a ghost ! No one dares to go into the house . The house is full of all sorts of creepy things like massive spiders and beetles and you can also hear loud ghost laughs . No one has ever entered the house for thousands of years !

    • What a creepy description! Well dome Ream… I wouldn’t be stepping foot inside that house anytime soon!

  5. The house is so masstarias that they mite be a ghost in there it is so so spooky if I went in that house I was spooked out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I heard a ghost I will not heart you. Please do not heart me because I won’t heart you so don’t heart you ever.

    • Read through your posts before you put them up onto the blog as some bit of this don’t make sense!

  6. Saffron I really like these terrifying words it really made me scared.;

  7. A ghostly house in the silence! Trees , the size of mountains ! An abandoned road no where to be found !

  8. This abandoned house looks like it is haunted and it looks like it has been here for thousands of years. This desserted house looks like it is where dead people or animals live and it looks like they haunt this house because some one might have killed them.

  9. As I went down the dark,abandoned street I saw a figure. A figure that was floating it looked at me and floated away. Next a Slenderman. I followed it and it took me to this old house. I heard screams repeating over and over from the mansion. I turned to go back but the gates slammed shut and I had nowhere else to go. It looked like I was put into a trap to stay there until death came to get me.

  10. It looks haunted and eerie. Every thing in the house looks like it’s abandoned. It looks like a old house what was made in 1000 years ago.

  11. This eerie, gloomy, old deserted house has been neglected for decades !!!!! It looks like it is haunted. It looks very dangerous if anyone touched anything.

  12. I can see the eerie, old windows that have bean smashed for century’s. You can still hear the lost souls moaning “help me HELP ME!” I can smell the smelly, foul stench of mouldy food that has been left for years. Futhermore, I can see the blood dripping down the wall. Do not enter

  13. Sceriy hotid house creepy and crucid .you can feeul cod hars on my neck.
    It looks lac the maeet of the def.

  14. The haunted house stood in the middle of a scary, dark lake.
    The scary, poisonous, dull water made the ghostly house seem impossibly scary.
    There are some rumours that people have gone in this house and none came back and people say this house moves to different places every year but nobody knows………..

  15. A Haunted house in the middle of the Abandeand Street Full with dead plants! Chopped down Trees and water everywhere! You can hear ghosts whispering So evily. There are ghosts everywhere in the house.

  16. This gloomy old eerie abandon horrifying house looks deserted

  17. It is dark and abandend it is very dark and gloomy ‘ it is Eerie.

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