Friday’s early bird…

Good Morning Year 4!

Continue this story starter below.

To be successful you must remember to include:
-Adjectives to describe
-Adverbs ‘I walked’…’I slowly and carefully walked’

Bleary-eyed, I went downstairs for breakfast, the house wass empty, even the furniture had gone…

36 thoughts on “Friday’s early bird…

  1. Bleary-eyed,I went downstairs for breakfast,the house was empty, even the furniture had gone… I had wondered where the sofa had gone beacause, I usually sit on the sofa and play on my XBOX 360 but it wasn’t there it was like a ghost had been out and about I had no idea what had happened. As I was walking across the creaky floor boards, I had saw a few skeletons around the place SUDDENLY! A skeleton jumped at me from now where! I got scared to death. The skeleton that jumped at me he was holding my favourite transformers prime toy… Optimus Prime weponizer when I ran after it a skeleton jumped at me and I teleported back in time and everything was normal again.

    • We liked your description of the creaky floorboards John.

  2. Bleary-eyed, I went downstairs for breakfast, the house wass empty, even the furniture had gone… The Door slowly closed crick crock BANG!! The door was locked, HELP! HELP! a hand touched my shoulder. I turned around nothing was there until… BOO! AHHHHHHHHHHH. I ran upstairs into the room and I slammed the door. Every morning I could hear voices in my head of my mum and dad talking.Then I would hear my mum and dad getting killed by the clown. I went back down stairs To check if there was enything left BOO YOU CANT GO ENYWHERE NOW GOT YA!!!! AHHHHH HELP! When I fell on the floor I disappeared back to my parents Mum dad your alive!! Thank goodness now I was back home safe and sound.

    • Wow that was some scary stuff. You have included adverbs. Good girl.

  3. I walked down stars all the rooms were empty oh no we’re are my family there gone but were have they gone? I am going to find them.

  4. Bleary eyed , I went downstairs for breakfast , the house was empty , even the furniture had gone ! I was so surprised I couldn’t believe it . I ran in my moms bed room and I saw the walls all grey and on one corner of the walls I saw a sentence written in dull colours it said : don’t worry you will never ever see your family again ! . As I was about to take another step a giant black hole appeared up the wall and sucked me up after about a 1 min I blinked and went downstairs and every thing was all normal ! And I realised it was all just a dream !

    • We liked that you included lots of suspense Ream. Well done! There is a super range of punctuation too!

  5. I ran out of the house and went to Lego land the ghost catch me the cops grabe the ghost the cops said in your eyes the ghost said noooooo the end

  6. Bleary-eyed,I went downstairs for breakfast , the house was empty, even the furniture had gone… I went upstairs to my bedroom I close my eyes just for 5mins. But it was getting worser I could see all ghost from driffrend movies AAAHHH!!!!!!! They were all araund me I close my eyes I through it will be the same as some movies . But the ghost tearnd me into a ghost . I close my eyes really quickly and then I was when I began…

    • We particularly liked how spooky this mini saga is Delaney.

  7. I wanderd why the soffer had gone . I couldn’t figer out why it had gone . So I when’s up stairs to tell my mum do you what enything from the shop .” Yes dear”what do you whant “I whant some milk from the shop please ” ok . As I was just going out off the door some thing pulled me it was so weird . So I got to the shop . I got some milk and whent home the house was empty I was alone oh no I didn’t like it the lights turnd off and I heard whislen and screaming arrrrr I slowly walked up stairs and I fell into a trap help help no one never come. and I was trapped for ever and for meny years

    • We really liked how you had a go at including speech marks in this writing Carmen. Well done.

  8. And the TV had gone too! what could this mean? I closed my eyes and Used my magical powers I went in to a desert place still no one was there were could every one be.As I was seeing if anyone was there something apears in the distance .it was a peace of paper saying YOUR NEXT I WILL GET YOUR POWERS as soon as I saw that I new my life was DOOMED!

    • We enjoyed how spooky you made this Jaya. Zachary said it gave him goosebumps!

  9. Bleary-eyed,I went downstairs for breakfasts,the house was empty ,even the furniture had gone, I have nothing to do however
    Ok you mite think that’s normal but that not the dinner was all

  10. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. But I suddenly had an idea . I will wake my parents up . (Walking up the stairs). Mum , Dad wake up .( looks in parents bedroom ). Oh no my parents are also gone what shall I do now ? What is this here it’s a door that I’ve never seen before . My mum and dad might be in here . I’ll go and get them.whoosh ! ( gasping). To be continued !

    • I can see you have really taken on board our play script topic as you have included stage directions.

  11. So I slowly walked to the empty space. It was like we were moving house. Maybe we were. I said that it was very peculiar to not have any furniture to sit on. I told my mum but she took no notice so I shouted “Mum,the furniture in the living room has gone! Can you come sort it out?”. She sharply turned her head to me and laughed. “We were hoping you wouldn’t notice, but obviously you have.” “Well then,I’ll tell you. We are moving to Kirrin cottage. It is a lovely cottage. It is covered with flowers and it is a very good place to live.” She carried on with the dishes. “I am so excited to move house. Thank you!”. “It’s all right. You’ll love it there.”

    • Saffron, I love this. You have thought about all of the things I put on the success criteria. There are adverbs, adjectives, punctuation…and I like that it is a bit different from everybody elses!

  12. I suddenly walked to the door they was nothing I was DOOMED they was nothing to eat I went up stairs to check if mi mum was there she wasen’t there I was DOOMED.

  13. Bleary-Eyed I went downstairs For breakfast the house was empty Even the furniture had gone After I sew A light Comeing From beneath The room I looked
    In.The light stopped. Nothing mysterious was there I looked again the room It was bright, Very, bright, Light, Green,
    seemed A bit different Then before Then. It changed I sew that Beneath my Eyes The colours kept changeing it seemed some kind of magic. Was Makeing this thing change colours. I got out of the room there was a Weird sound. It came very Far away!!! The only thing I heard Is Something Starting to Crack.

    • There are some super ideas in here Peter! Well done! I like that you have lots of description.

  14. Why has the furniture disappear and we’re is the people is this house haunted then I here’d a creeping and a wicked laugh then something . Smelled horrible and . I realise that it was a horrible wicked nightmare .

  15. Then , giant tornados swept swiftly into the centure of the house caring the whole house , and now , me ! In the end the house was completely imaginary ?
    And in one flash , the town disappeared in thin air ? And I , was no longer of this world too …

    • You have thought about how to include adverbs Hamza, although you need to read over it before you post it as there are bits of this that don’t really make sense.

  16. It was like someone removed everything.I walked in the kitchen Iand put my hand on the refrigerators handle.I slowly and carefully opened the frige door all there was is nothing.but something was behind the frige I put my hand in it and teleported to the multiverse were you’re dreams come true.I climbed the wishing mountain and wished for powers and then the evil came true BIG EVIL.suddenly I felt.something behind me I jumped back but it was to late he put up a finger and shot me I DIED!!!

    • A sad ending Sami but a fantastic mini saga with adverbs and adjectives…and most importantly….PUNCTUATION!!! Thank you for remembering your target! Well done.

  17. I seen a door it was pink so I went in I thought it was a cave but it was a dung em. So I went in all it’s walls was coloured in pencils so qui kept on going then there was a door. So I tried open in it but it wouldn’t. Then all a the lights went of and it had loudspeaker of messages on how to open the door then a TV. Came on then the lights went off and a guy pop up on the TV so I sat dawn. He said the door is open so I opened it. And I went in the other room and I kept hearing noises

    • This is really tense Bailey. The walls covered in drawings sounds really creepy. Well done!

  18. It wos the scerist fig av ever sin it wos oll epti a worct nier the dor it wos oll fogy a ran bac in to my bedrum and slept.

    • Well done Ibrahim you have thought about using your phonics to write a mini saga that can read without your help!

  19. No one was in the house what shall I do? I am hungry where is everybody.And who tuck the furniture?.I walked up the stairs silently just in case they where still here.I looked in my mums room she was still asleep………I woke up it was all a dream………..or was it

    • I like your ending…who knows what really happened. You have also thought about how to include adverbs.

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