Have a read of some of our ghostly stories!

This morning we wrote about a story of a deserted town. While everyone sleeps, shadows come alive and dance and play in the moonlight. But one shadow longs for something more meaningful. Read on to see our own adaptations…


3 thoughts on “Have a read of some of our ghostly stories!

  1. The deserted and abandoned town was pitch black. It was twelve midnight and it was so quiet all you could hear the clock’s tick tock over and over again. The shadow’s friends were as fast as a bat out of hell.The vast, grim, town was abandoned. And at the dead of night the others came out to play. while the melancholy shadow just sits in front of the unmechor others.He wanders into the knight to find what? A conpianion? A friend? Who knows. What whill happen next? The somber shadow looks for a friend. Who whill he chose?. A life conpianion. He will never give up untill he sukseeds his challenge.

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