Is it October already?!

I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly bewildered as to how it can possible be October already? Where is 2014 flying to?!
This week we have been working our socks off and it’s fantastic to see the progress the children are making even in these five weeks we have been in school for! We have continued our fantasy literature topic, looking at lots of different fantasy texts and what it is about them that makes the reader engaged. We spent an exciting Wednesday morning using figurative language to write similes and metaphors to describe a fantasy setting. Each child was given one fantasy setting to describe and they had to use similes and metaphors to describe it for the rest of the class to guess. It really was exciting and I was so proud of some of the vocabulary that was used throughout the lesson!
We rounded off our week in literacy by creating our own fantasy setting; they are amazing! Please check the blog to see how creative we got using small world and building blocks!
This week in maths we have been looking at 2D shape. We recapped on the properties of shape and then talked about perpendicular and parallel lines before creating a shape fact file. E then used different methods of sorting shapes under different criteria using venn and caroll diagrams.
Next week we are continuing our fantasy literature topic and we will be working towards planning and writing our own introduction to a fantasy story. In maths we will be carrying on looking at shape, but concentrating on angles and symmetry.
Our star of the week this week is Skye. She has been trying really hard with her writing and I was particularly proud of the similes she used to describe her fantasy setting on Wedenesday. Keep up your hard work!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Nicholson