James’ journey

I can’t believe where the weeks are flying to! We have had a wonderful week this week, full of hard work, sunny weather, sports and PE.

The beginning of the week we started our geography topic on James’ journey around the world on his giant peach. We have worked in small groups to research a destination the peach visited. We have found out information about our chosen countries such as its’ location, currency, population and neighboring countries. We have also found out about traditional foods from the country and then created our own menu.

On Wednesday morning we had our sports day, which was excellent fun (and very, VERY hot!) It was very competitive and everyone gave their all, despite the difficult conditions.

Today quite a lot of our class went on a really exciting sponsored walk around our local area (10 miles!) The rest of us that were left behind had a fantastic morning participating in a tennis and rounders carousel with year 5. We then had a hilarious literacy lesson where we learnt how to punctuate speech accurately…which involved some super drama work! This afternoon we have created sunset silhouette paintings of James and the giant peach in his garden.

Our star of the week this week is Mya. She gas made such a super effort in her learning over the past few weeks and I really want to recognise the hard work and excellent attitude she has been putting into everything she does. Well done Mya- may it continue!

Have wonderful weekend in this glorious weather!

Miss Nicholson 🙂