March already?!

I have had a lovely week and the children have really impressed me with their brilliant work and sheer enthusiasm.

This week in literacy we have been focusing on persuasive writing, lining it to our fair trade fortnight. We were outraged to find that Tesco’s do not stock Fairtrade bananas and looked at the pros and cons of doing so, performing some excellent class debates and arguments before writing persuasive letters today to Tesco’s convincing them of all of the reasons they should stock Fairtrade bananas in their supermarkets. They are fantastic and we hope to select our favourite letters to post to Tesco next week.

In maths we have been looking at money and adding money using the column method, before looking at how to use different efficient methods to subtract to find out change. I have been really impressed with how hard the children have tried and how they have persisted, even if they found certain aspects difficult.

On Thursday we had a cricket coach come to deliver the last of his brilliant sessions with the class. I have been really pleasantly surprised at how everyone has involved themselves and pushed to do their best that they could throughout all of the sessions we have done. It has been great to see the progress in the children and I am proud to say we have some really talented budding cricketers! Harneeka has a natural ability (I think this must run in the family!), Connie was amazing and Vishnu batted the ball so hard at one point it almost went over the gates of the muga!

Next week we will be sending out letters about an exciting trip happening in a few weeks’ time.

Have a fantastic weekend…
Miss Nicholson 🙂