Poetry madness!

Wow! What a busy week! We have gone poetry crazy here in year 4 and produced some fantastic calligrams (shape poems) about leaves. I can’t wait to put them on display around the classroom! Stay tuned for photos and poetry readings on the blog.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our science topic and have looked at different habitats and how the animals have adapted to live in some of the most difficult conditions on the planet. Fascinating stuff!

In maths we have continued looking at fractions and decimals. We have also been doing some assessments this week to update our maths ages and see what amazing progress we have been making.

The behaviour in the classroom this week has been impeccable…and we had lots of fun enjoying our free time this choosing time this afternoon as a reward for collecting all of our marbles for good behaviour.

Enjoy the long weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday for all the fun we have in store next week!Remember, we have our golf session with Lewis on Tuesday morning so you will all need your PE kits with you!

Miss Nicholson 🙂

One thought on “Poetry madness!

  1. You had a great week last week, but I am soooo impressed with the bread making this week! I think a Year 4 Bakery would go down very well in the staff room… Delicious!

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