Prepare for a scare!

This week we have started to ready the Anglo Saxon myth ‘Beowulf’. Read some descriptions of the monster from the story, Grendel, below…

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  1. Big sharp teeth
    Big strong hand
    Big eyes, black like the night sky
    Long fur and it is black

  2. Astonishingly , Grendl lowers at Eight feet tall but Grendl Hated the sound of the music but his body is covered with thick,black fur which Reecks of the dreadfull swamp he calls home, and also Grendl is so scary but He has got A horrifying,terrifying sight but He is strong and his eyes could be like two green, glowing lanters in the night sky

  3. Astonishingly Grendel is over 8 feet tall ,that is tall! Even with his stooping back Grendel also has a charm which makes his skin as hard as stone meaning that nothing could get through the fur as hard as granite .
    His body is covered with black fur damp with swamp water from his home which brings out his glowing green eyes.
    He is a horrifying sight that gives you night mares for ever!!!!!

  4. Astonishingly,Grende is over 8 feet tall even when hunching over. Grendel is a teryfiying cross beetween an ape and a giant! unsurprisingly, he is a blood thirsty monster that craves human flesh . It seems like Grendel is allergic to happiness like a destroyer. Grendel will shred shred human flesh like a knife cuts through soft butter.Grendel is the giant of the swamp. GRENDEL!

  5. The marsh was home to a troll called Grendel.He had massive fists,shaggy hair,damp with reeking black water of the swamp.Eyes like two green,glowing lanterns in the night sky,sharp claws,baboon like fangs and twitching nostrils.Even with his stooping posture,he was over eight feet tall ! He looked somewhere between a ape and a man.He loathed the mead hall made by King Hrothgar.He hated the sound of music but drooled at the thought of gobbling humans.Grendel’s skin was protected by a magic charm that made his skin as hard as granite!

  6. Astonishingly,Grendel towers at over 8 feet tall,even with his hunched gait. Uniquely,he looks somewhere between an ape and a man,covered with shaggy hair,damp with the reeking black water of the swamp. Amazingly,Grendel has a magical charm which makes his skin as hard as stone,meaning that no axe,sword or spear can smash through the magical charm. He is a horrifying sight that will haunt your dreams.

  7. Astonishingly,Grendel towers at over eight feet tall,even with his hunched gait.Unluckily Grendel has pich black fure,on his face and all over his body.Amazingly Grendel hates the sound of music,especially if it’s really loud.Surprisingly Grendel has hafto waddle to walk because what size is he.Wierdly,Grendel hates the look and thought of humans.

  8. Suprisingly Grendle towers over eight feet tall.he lives in a swamp near a mead hall.suprisingly he hates the sound of music but drools at the thought of human flesh.Amazingly the second time he tried to invade his arm was pulled off.astonishingly,both times he invaded he swallowed a man hole.His eyes are like burning green lanterns.BEWAR GRENDLE!!!!!!

  9. Incredably , Grendle is mesured over 8ft tall.However, there is only one way to defeet him you must get the diamond like necklace of his shaggy like hair.You have to be strong like a god.He has bone braking teeth which could almost break anything.The spine tearing monster a.k.a Grendel is like a cross between a bear and a wolf like are hero Beowulf.Lonly he might be but he has he has heads to tear ears to rip skulls to smash AND HIS WORST OF THE LOT MUSIC ! In the black gloomy swamp he lurks…
    Stay away! You and I fear . Who knows we’re the blood thirsty devel lives?

  10. Amazingly, Grendel is a creature like no other ,
    He will bite your head of in one go!
    Half man,half Ape? No body knows!
    His big black fur trailing down covered with red,red BLOOD!
    His fangs are green,yellow and pink with all the flesh he’s devoured!
    You never know when he will strikes
    Maybe today, maybe tomorrow,maybe now
    You’ll shurely see him being 8 feet tall watch out


  11. Astonish lay,Grandel has shaggy hair,smells like damp black water of a swamp.And he has shar claws,baboon like fangs.Intrestingly Grendel is over eight feet tall and he is surprisingly massive stimulatingly Grendel has a remarkable charm that would make his whole body would turn into rock and that meant nothing could perce through his body.And Grendel absoutly hated the sound of music.So NEVER PLAY MUSIC INFRONT OF GRENDEL!!!!

  12. Grendel,a hounting troll that comes out in the mysterious night.Astonishingly,he is towering 8 feet tall with his hunched gait.Mysteriously,Grendel has black and shaggy fur that reeks of slimy green swamp water.He has eyes of two emerald green crystals that glows in the night.Confusingly,Grendel has a charm that makes his horrible skin as solid as never breaking boulders.

    If you see something or someone ghostly lurking in the young night well…
    STAY OUT!!!

  13. Grendel is a scary ,horrifying troll. He has black fur like a dead gorilla wich comes in the spooky night waiting to eat a dead and blooded person. Suprisingly Grendel is eight feet tall.
    He has shaggy feet damp in a slimy water swan. Grendel has emerald crystal green eyes. Scary Grendel has a nekalace that turns his skin into dull and grey stone.
    Sharp and scary,Grendel has long claws.

  14. Un human like the troll named Grendal is over 8 feet tall even when he is hunched over.His fur reeks of dirty swamp water and his horrifying skin is protected by a magical charm,so his skin is as hard as granite.Grendal loves ripping the flesh off innocent humans.The sight of him will haunt your unfortunate life.If anybody tried to pears his skin they will end up with no flesh and no life.Unfortunate for humans that no weapon can ever hurt the petrifying troll.unsurprizingly Grendal lives in a spooky marsh.His eyes are venom green. Astonishingly Grendal is only a baby and his mother is 16 foot.

  15. Astonishingly,Grendel towers at over 8 feet tall!
    He is a troll who hates the sound of music and kills whoever dares to bring it near his swamp.Grendel always wears a enchanted Charm that protects him from any spear, shield or any other blood making weapons.If someone dared to touch him he would lifted out his big, sharp claws and tear them until they were as small as a bead.Be aware wherever you are because he will haunt you until you die…

  16. Amazingly Grendel is eight feet tall. Grendel has a charm that makes his skin like granit. Grendel is imbwetween human and ape. He has tusks like a over grown boar. Grendels eyes glowed like a lantern. No axe,spear or sword could penetrate his body. Grendel has a fist that can break down doors. Grendel hates the sound of melody. Grendel lives in a swamp that’s what he called home. Grendel has black fur.

  17. Amazingly, Grendel is over 8ft tall, so he can hide Easley so any second bam eaten so there is no place to hide!! He has sharp claws like the fangs of a vampire and flesh as black as the dirty swamp water. He has this charm that makes his skin as hard as stone so if you happen to run in to him you have no chance of living your way though! Grendel drools over the thought human meat so be careful you can DIE any second now, there are endless possibilities. He’s eyes are as green as poison they will make you fearfull, they will Pearce a hole right through you’re soul and fill it with fear!!! Grendel hates the sound of music so if you play music in his swamp he is most likely to hunt you down and devour you and the floors will fill with blood.

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