Rounders fever!

Another busy week has bitten the dust and we have been working like Trojans in year 4!

This week, we started looking at stories from different cultures in literacy, and focussed on a video called ‘The Catch’, which followed a little boy who live in a jungle and struggled to hunt for food for his family every day. After helping an endangered fox one afternoon, the fox returned the favour by leading the boy to an enormous lake, filled with giant fish…enough to feed his family for years. After looking at the story, we wrote emotion action sentences before planning and drafting our own version of the story. The quality of writing was excellent, with everyone showing off everything they have learned this year, including using 2A sentences, outside-inside sentences and emotion-action sentences. There was an astounding range of vocabulary used and I can’t wait to post readings of them on the blog soon!

On Tuesday afternoon we produced pastel landscapes, based on inspiration from our habitats topic. We watched a wonderful short clip of real ‘wow’ places from around the world and then re-produced these habitats through illustration.

We also spent a glorious Thursday afternoon outside on the field playing a new version of rounders that Miss Wright had told us about. It was fantastic (and got quite competitive at times!) and our feedback was that it was even better than the original game!

Our star of the week this week is Kaela. She has been really trying her best this week and her attitude has been exemplary. She is putting such an effort into her writing and I am really proud. Well done Kaela!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Nicholson 