starter challenge!


Below you will find a Headline and photograph from a fictional news report. What could the story be to go with the Headline?

Remember to use correct punctuation and include time connectives!

You can click on the picture to make it bigger to get a better look before you start. You will only have 10 minutes!

Good luck!

Miss N


27 thoughts on “starter challenge!

  1. Just you wait . Dangerous aliens are on your back . Slimy aliens are going to kill you at night . There was millions of other people killed by the horrifieng aliens . Last night there was an other murder . An alien broke into some ones house and stabbed them . One alien held a gun and shot a 10 year old . Terrifieng aliens are every where . So you better watch out !

  2. To day at cbbc news a un dentafid sbas kraft as landis in Filey peepul a PAnikin 1 week ago.

    • I like the vocabulary you have included Aidan, like ‘unidentified’. Well done.

  3. An alien spaceship has landed in Filey we have sent some U.F.O investigators to set the scene for us.

    • Can you expand on this sentence more, Jaya? Think about the ‘5w’s’ that we have talked about. 🙂

  4. An alien lands on earth to destroy the world and his friends come with him to help him. A 14 year old has been killed by an alien and some year tens have been stabbed by other aliens. Watch out because one day you might be next!

    • Oh my goodness this landing does not sound like good news at all! Great use of punctuation Ream, well done!

  5. FIley is ruind bicos the aliens distrod filey they landid yestoday they distrod Filey.

    • I like your use of the word ‘destroyed’, Ibrahim. How did they destroy the town?

  6. Oh no Aliens have taken over the world who whill save us now?HELP!

  7. Alien space ship landed in Filey !!!!!!! Early on today an eerie thing happened AN ALIEN SPACE SHIP LANDED IN FILEY! Some how the steam is dangerous to wild life find out more later OVER AND OUT.

    • I like your orientation Anmol, well done. I particularly like how you have thought about the steam from the spaceship being dangerous to wild life.

  8. Filey is ruined because the alien ruined oh no ho will save us now?

    • Great use of a question to involve your reader Cairan…well done!

  9. Can you believe it an alien in Filey ? The alien ends up right in the middle of Fileys beloved beach .

    • Well done Zelan, I like how you have used a rhetorical question to involve you reader!

  10. They landed today In a ship and they can’t get out! Reported in Filey. Good day!

    • Can you expand this Carla? How are they stuck on the ship?

  11. Alien arvise in fiely beach the alien came from the sky and landed in smooth sand…

    • Zorawar, great use of ellipsis to add suspense and drama to your opening sentence. Good job!

  12. The Alien forces are landing on the beach that’s called Filey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. In Filey a space ship has landed at Filey let’s pass it on to mark

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