That Friday feeling again!

Another week has flown by and I can’t believe we’re now only one week away from it being half term already.

We’ve had another busy week, looking at Spain as a focus for world food day and researching different types of foods from different regions in Spain. We are even hoping that towards the end of the year we can have a Spanish themed party as we will have been learning the lingo over the course of the year so we cantalk Spanish, flamenco dance and eat tapas!

This week we’ve also been writing our fantasy stories. They are amazing and I can’t wait until they are finished, edited, redrafted and ready to publish! Keep your eyes peeled! I have been really impressed with Isobel’s use of suspense and Bardya’s use of ambitious vocabulary. Last week, I said I was excited about Maddie writing her fantasy story and right I was to be anticipating super writing…the story of her character Crystal is amazing and I am so proud of the brilliant progress she is making in her writing.

This week in maths we have been looking at written calculation of subtraction; looking at column subtraction, moving onto subtracting with borrowing…then subtracting 4 digit numbers…then even decimal numbers! I have been literally amazed by how hard everyone has worked in maths this week…Skye had a go at subtracting decimal numbers with borrowing and I was over the moon!
Next week we are finishing our fantasy literature topic so that we can publish our stories into a book for everyone to enjoy. In maths we will be carrying continuing looking at calculation, but moving onto multiplication and dividing…be practising your times tables as much as you can at home as this will really help you in your maths this week.

Our star of the week this week had to be Maddie. She has been making such a super effort in literacy and maths for a couple of weeks now and I really would like to thank her for her hard work. Her fantasy story is brilliant and her independent work in maths this week has been great. Keep it up!

Don’t forget, parent’s evening next Wednesday and Thursday, so if you haven’t already please log on and make an appointment!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Nicholson 🙂