15 thoughts on “Thursday’s blog challenge!

  1. She has horrible green bright Skin and has buttful and lovely makeup it is so so gojas makeup and a tall black hat.and black black hair.

  2. The witches skin is as green as a snake. The witches nails are yellow like the sand on a desserted island. The witches cloak is as black as the abandoned forest. Her eyes are as green as a crocodile . She is one of the evilest witch in the whole world.

  3. The horrible and sinister witch is hear to give us all a nightmare ! Her horrible skin is greener than grass and her eyes are as miserable as dusty sand . Her lips are as red as lava and her creepy nails are dustier than anything . Her mucky black cape stinks like revolting trash and her black hair is as Greecey as anything

  4. Her green disgusting skin makes her look like she’s been covered in disgusting green frog skin.Her lips are as red hell itself and looks like it’s been covered by blood.And her black hat and clothes are as dark as night itself her eyes are so creepy even a dinosaur would be scared.She is so creepy that people say that with one glare she can suck your soul out but nobody knows

  5. Her body is vanished all you can see is Its Floating Head. Her body is just black and vanished. Her Lip is as red as a vampires bite to suck humans blood!!!! her green skin is as green as grass and a frogs color and a Lilly pad She is as Evill as a vampire shading with her colours in the darkness she fades In Three colours red,green and black She is the horror of your nightmare She comes every night and don’t wish she wouldn’t, Come because the first thing you say that your gone forever. She eats your soul leaving no bones nothing you just disappear to ashes and gone forever a vampire that wants to take over the world!!!! Mutating the world to a couple of bones and vampires she can never die

  6. She has the skin colour of medusa .. Ther lips are a red as the allertonceprimary school jumper . She is malevolent, eerie . Her nails are as Wight as snow . Her eyes are as green as leafs ( the greenest in the world )

  7. Her skin is green as a horrible snake . Her lips are red as the blood of people. Her teeth are as the horrible,discustin,gorse teeth that you have ever seen. Her clothes look like there is are black hole!!!!!

  8. Her face is green as slime and her lips is red as a rose,she is bautifull and her hands ar skiney.

  9. She looks very mythical and green and she looks very friendly to people.

    Her nose is normal like a human and looks very pretty witch a witch would not normally look like.

    Her lips are red as blood and a green face like a crocodile

  10. She’s green as the greenes grass lips as red as blood clothiers black as the night . Nails white as snow eyes green as grass.

  11. Her skin is as green as a grass, her lips is as red as blood her hare is as black as midnight, her teeth is as yellow as lemon , her nial is as dirty as you think

  12. She looks like a green which with a dark black pointy hat with a black fluffy dress . And really long nails and got a green face red lips and green eyes

  13. Sinister,evil,A black cloack covers her like a sparrow on a cold gloomy night,An sad and melancholy look covers her face in discrase like she has no friends or she is afride,she is as green as a frog as terrifying as my dad’s smelly socks,green eye like an emerald shining on a hot summer day,is she evil or good who is she is she a fright or just nice who will ask no one knows,

  14. Her hair is dark like vampire bats her lips are red like blood her eyes are green as frogs. The back ground is black as Horror!

  15. Her skin is light green her nails are white her lips are red as dark dripping blood!

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