Welcome back!

I can’t believe it is the final half term of the year! Where is the time flying?! The sun is starting to shine and it is really beginning to feel like summer.

As always, we have been working very hard in year 4. We began the week by looking at my favourite book by Roald Dahl, The Witches. We read a part of the story and then the same part of the play, and looked at what things were the same and what was different. We enjoyed reading it so much we have continued to do so as our second class novel!

After looking at the Witches, we then thought about our favorite part of James and the Giant Peach, and decided it was when James first meets the giant insects. We then worked hard individually to turn it into a play script. I was incredibly impressed by how hard Maddie and Skye worked, they both produced clear play scripts with precise stage directions that really captured the humour of the scene.

Following a long and hard decision, I chose Ayesh and Vishnu’s scripts to perform. Everyone was assigned a copy of the script and a group and they worked in teams to prepare their scenes ready to perform and record this morning…they were fantastic!

We spent a fun afternoon listening to Carnival of the Animals. We thought carefully and guessed by listening to clues in the music which part represented which animal.

In science this week we have continued our living things topic, looking at different ways to classify animals. We then thought about the impact that humans have on the environment, both positive and negative, and produced powerpoints to present to the rest of the class. We produced some really thought provoking and emotive work.

My star of the week this week is Wah Ming. He has worked incredibly hard in our literacy lessons this week and his behaviour is a shining example to the rest of the class. Thank you and well done!

Have a super weekend and enjoy the rest of this glorious sunshine!

miss Nicholson 🙂