welcome back!

Well, we have had an action packed week in Year 4! We began the week with a new starter; Kloe, who has made a wonderful addition to the class.

This morning we had lots of fun taking part in the house spelling competition…I am excited to reveal which team won in assembly on Monday.

This week our history topic took a slightly different turn; away from the Tudors and to the next monarch’s to the throne…the Stewarts. We looked at life in Stuart times and why Guy Fawkes and his gang planned the gunpowder plot to try and blow up the houses of parliament. We produced a fantastic shared write of the gunpowder plot and did some fantastic sequencing with Miss Linsley.

We then continued our Tudors topic; with some children working with Mr Magnall to produce an animation of Henry V111 and his 6 wives. We also went to the ICT suite to research about what life was like for rich and poor people in those times. We have designed our own Tudor costume which I have to say are amazing. I would quite like to wear some of the designs myself! I loves Trinity’s ornate pattern and the gown Lisa designed was beautiful!

Albert is going home with Peter this weekend. I hope he has a fabulous time and can’t wait to see what he gets up to!

Remember, this week’s homework is to produce a piece of work about York and your burger bar maths challenge. Homework is due in next Thursday.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Miss Nicholson x