We’ve gone Medusa mad!!

Another week has flown by! The sun is shining and we have been working our socks off!
This week we continued our Literacy topic on Myths and Legends. We began the week looking at the myth of Icarus and Daedalus and I was really proud of some of the interesting and probing open questions the children posed to Icarus when he came into our classroom to be hot-seated. Then, we began looking at our most-favourite myth to-date…Perseus and Medusa. We enjoyed researching all about how Medusa came to be this hideous gorgon creature and then worked at describing Medusa. Finally, the week’s Literacy ended with an incredible Big Write this morning describing Medusa…recordings to follow next week. I think I will be sleeping with the light on after I finish reading them all! I was particularly proud of Zorawar, Liam, John and Anmol’s descriptons…fantastic stuff! Keep up your hard work!
We have looked at Fairtrade this week and produced a lovely sculpture made from wrappers of Fairtrade items. We also looked at the meaning of Lent after a rather exciting Pancake Pandemonium on Tuesday and all decided to ‘turn over a new leaf’- promising, rather than giving something up, to start doing something nice instead!
This afternoon myself, Liam and Cairan went to Moor Allerton library as a celebration of their hard work and good behaviour. We had lots of fun reading and choosing books and can’t wait to take the rest of the class sometime soon.
Have a lovely weekend and I really look forward to seeing what fantastic work we do next week.
Miss Nicholson